The different types of charges on your bill

Wondering what that extra charge on your bill is? Here's a breakdown of what each one means...


What is an unpaid direct debit fee?

If a direct debit payment is returned to us unpaid by the bank, a charge of €10 is automatically applied to your bill.

What is a late payment fee?

We require payment within 14 days from a bill's issue date. You can find this at the top of your bill. If the payment is not received, €12.50 may be applied to the balance.

What is a cancellation fee?

The in-contract cancellation fee of €150 will be applied to your bill if any of your services are cancelled while still within the 12-month contract period.

Why is your first bill higher than expected?

The charges on your first bill are your monthly subscription, plus any extra days from the time you received your equipment up to your billing date, and for the month's subscription billed in advance. Please note that billing will start when you receive your equipment, so even if you do not install it right away, you will still be billed for your service.


Your first bill will also include any bits and bobs such as installation fees, activation fees and the cost of a home phone device, if you bought one when you ordered your services.

Find out more about first bills.

What is the relocation fee?

The relocation fee of €60 is applied after you have requested to have your Digital TV outlet point moved to another location in your home.

Where is your promotion discount?

The promotion is under the Savings & Discounts section of the bill. You will also see it on the Summary section on the first page.

Why have you received a bill covering next month when you've requested to close your account?

We have a 30-day notice policy for cancellations. When your bill is issued, it is billed in advance. Once your account is closed, we'll send out a final bill covering your subscriptions up until the date of you cancelled.

Different types of usage on your bill

Your bill can often include extra charges when you use service outside of your monthly allowance. Below is a list of the different types of usage you may see on your bill.


  • TV Usage
    This is only applied when you purchase an on demand movie. On demand movies vary in price, so your usage for on demand can change depending on what you order.
  • Broadband Usage
    You will only ever see usage billed for broadband if you're on a limited broadband plan. The fair usage cap for limited broadband is 30GB per billing cycle, so you will only be charged if you go over that.
  • Home Phone Usage
    There are certain types of calls which are not included within your home phone package. These calls are what we term service calls/premium rate calls.A few examples of these numbers are 11850, 11811, 1890 numbers, 1550 numbers and UK freephone 0800 numbers, which are not free to call from Ireland.

    You can find all our information on call rates on our tariff page.
  • Virgin Mobile Usage
    Virgin Mobile Services are subject to a Fair Usage Policy. This applies when you exceed 10,000 voice call minutes or 10,000 text messages, or 40 Gigabytes of Data on the Unlimited plan, or usage exceeding 250 voice call minutes, 250 text messages or 2 Gigabytes of Data on the limited plan used in any monthly bill cycle.

    You may also see Roaming charges on your bill for any usage outside of your allowance while roaming abroad. You can find all our information on call rates on our Mobile rates page.