How can I get my bill?

These are the options for receiving your bill:


1. eBilling:

With eBilling you can view your bills online in your My Virgin Media account and print them free of charge. Instead of receiving a paper bill in the post, we'll send you an email to let you know when your bill is available online.

eBilling has its benefits:

    1. You can view and pay your itemised bill online.
    2. No postal delays in receiving your bill.
    3. You can view previous bills for the last 12 months.
    4. You help keep the world a little greener!

2. Paper billing:

eBilling isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. Sometimes it’s nice to get a bill in the post. If you want to go back to receiving paper bills, just follow these simple steps:

    1. Log into your My Virgin Media account.
    2. In the "Bills & Payments" menu select "Change my billing options".
    3. Choose the option to "Switch to paper billing".

You will now be opted out of eBilling and start receiving paper bills again. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, if you use Direct Debit and choose to revert back to receiving paper bills, you will only receive a paper bill if the amount on the most recent bill is different than the previous bill.

Of course, you can still view your bills online in your My Virgin Media account, and print your bills from the last 12 months, free of charge. If you need a paper bill to make a payment you can order a Payzone card from our Customer Care team on our Contact page. You can use this card when making a payment at any one of hundreds of Payzone locations across the county.

3. Itemised/Non-itemised billing:

Want to get into the nit and grit? You can chose to receive itemised or non-itemised bills. Itemised bills will show:

    1. The charges for your bundle.
    2. Savings or discounts you are availing of.
    3. A full breakdown of your call history.
    4. A full breakdown of your On Demand usage.

On the other hand, non-itemised bills will show the same except the details of individual calls or movie rentals.

To request an itemised or non-itemised bill, all you have to do is visit our Contact Us page, and speak to a member of our Customer Care team.

Options. It’s all about options.