Functions and Features

Here is all the tips and tricks of your new box...


TV Guide

Meet your sofa sherpa. Virgin TV 360’s super-slick, super-simple Guide makes finding your way round a doddle so you spend less time looking and more time watching. Plus, it works exactly the same way whether you’re
on your main TV, phone or tablet


You can now record 6 programmes at the same time while watching a 7th. All your recordings will be stored under the Saved icon on the main menu

Replay TV

Replay TV is available on an endless list of channels and a great feature of the new box is the ability to customize what replay channels you can see in your guide

Voice Control

Hold the Microphone symbol on your 360 remote and tell your box what to do.

Play around: you can get to live TV, Box Sets, integrated apps and recordings, just by talking. There might even be a few hidden surprises in there… .

Boxsets and Movies

On Demand TV is a world of entertainment - including your favourite boxsets blockbuster movies and Virgin Exclusives. You can take your time enjoying them because they're available for a week after they first air


With the ability to set profiles, you can really personalise what you wish to see both in the guide and in their “Watchlist” going forward.

Below are a few possibilities: Kids Profile –

Showing only Kids channels and recommendations

Sports Profile – Showing all the Sports Channels in one place

Movies Profile – Showing all the Movie channels in one place

Music Profile – Show all Music Channels in one place HD Profile -

Keeping all HD channels in one place to get the most out of the box AND your HD TV Room Profile –Name it by Room in the house and sit the channels to the user .