Twitch Perfect - The Gaming Goliaths To Stream Right Now!

Composite image featuring stills from Overwatch and Fortnite

With time to spare, there’s a whole lot of us gaming like we’ve never done before – and Virgin Media’s superfast broadband is a pretty spectacular way to get online! Of course, there’s also the option of learning from the experts; the superstars who really know how to get things done! In the latest issue of PLAY Magazine, we took a look at the titans of Twitch who strut their stuff for the world to see; check out the great gamers to stream right now!




Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s (Tim The) Tat Man! One of the most popular users on the platform, this 27 year old recently quit his 9-5 to fulfil his dream of becoming a full time gaming streamer. You can catch him playing everything from World of Warcraft to Overwatch. His videos combine his whip-sharp wit and cool, collected gameplay that will make you feel like you’re just hanging out with your very, very cool friend…


Watch VALORANT GAMEPLAY - @timthetatman on all socials from TimTheTatman on




Imane Anys is the most followed female streamer on the platform. Her carefree, fun personality is the perfect backing track to her epic gameplay. In fact, her soothing voice has also amassed her hundreds of thousands of followers on her Youtube ASMR channel, where she whispers into the microphone and makes noises with household objects designed to help you fall asleep (yes, that’s a thing!). Check out her amazing Fortnite gameplay streams and personal vlogs to get behind the scenes action on the life of a couch CEO!




Tyler Steinkamp, as he’s known to his mammy, is a Twitch superstar and League of Legends connoisseur. While he hasn’t yet reached the heights of some other Twitch celebs, he has some of the most engaging game play you’ve ever seen. Plus, he’s one of the most dedicated users, with over 600 videos and counting! Tyler’s videos focus mainly on his expert skills, leaving you wondering just HOW he can be so good. If you’re less interested in the personal lives of these famous gamers and more interested in watching some very intelligent tactics and expert action, then this is the guy for you!


Watch Hey! lolltyler1 here and I am playing some League of Legends! Tune in now and watch me dominate! from loltyler1 on




Yes, that one! The former Ireland soccer player hung up his boots last year – and now spends no small amount of his time gaming online! Needless to say, the competitive fire still burns in the Corkman, while equally unsurprising is the fact that you’re most likely to see him playing FIFA 20! Oh, and spoiler alert; he’s pretty good. Who knew that a career in the professional ranks would teach you a thing or three about the beautiful game?!


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