The Games We’re Ga-Ga For This Spring

2019 Games

The year might be only two months old, but we’ve already had more than our fair share of great games land into our lives! From console crackers to PC perfection, here’s what’s had us finger-clicking and thumb-thumping our way through 2019 so far…




Almost precisely 21 years since the original of the species stormed the planet, this remake is survival horror in its purest, finest form. Taking everything that made the franchise so beloved, while making sure everything looks, sounds and plays like a brand new title, the result is an engrossing and immersive experience that delivers nostalgic moments and new thrills in equal measure!





With a lorryload of your favourite Disney and Pixar characters in tow, the fantasy role-player is back – and it’s bigger and better than ever. The expanded size and scope of the worlds means there’s more to explore than before, while the mini-games are a delight; whether cooking up a storm with Remy from Ratatouille or shaking a leg with Sora, you can easily end up distracted from the larger adventure at hand!





The seminal shoot-em-up returned with a sequel to the fifth instalment – and Hope County has never looked better! Vivid and vibrant, with a pair of suitably dark and dangerous villains to keep you on your toes, the combination of design and gameplay makes it a wonderful way to pass the hours; the addition of an awesome new Expeditions mode is the icing on the cake!





While the casual player might find themselves up against it – even on normal mode, it’s a tricky one! – that only adds to the appeal of this sprawling, sharp and superb post-apocalyptic treat. From stunning visuals to amazing audio, the technical aspects are top-notch, while the intriguing characters and absorbing world make for one of the most enthralling games of the year; clear your schedules, because this one will eat into your time!





Punching and kicking its way onto the scene with enough explosive energy to power a small city, this phenomenal feast of fight action boasts a massive roster of playable characters and more magnificent moves than an MMA master! Released as a celebration of 50 years of the legendary manga comic, the addictive all-action combat and excellent effects have fans hoping it’s more than a one-off!




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