None More Black – Happy World Goth Day!

World Goth Day 2019

Or unhappy World Goth Day, perhaps… We’re not really sure what the etiquette is! Either way, Wednesday marks a day for the goth scene to grab their gladrags – black, naturally – and celebrate all that is goth culture. And, well, we don’t fancy being left out!


And so, with that in mind, we’re saluting some of our favourite dark characters from films and TV, who’ll surely be enjoying the day. So crank up the metal soundtrack, cake yourself in Kohl, and raise a glass to the greatest goths in entertainment!




The IT Crowd, all seasons available now on All4


Once second in command at Reynholm Industries, his change in lifestyle prompted a change in job; no wonder he wasn’t very happy! Of course, he turned things around with From Goth2Boss, one of the better self-help businesses we’ve ever seen – and Noel Fielding’s macabre character never fails to make us giggle!






The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, now showing on Sky Cinema Thriller, Virgin TV 309


One of literature's most intriguing characters became the toast of Tinseltown when Rooney Mara donned the black garb (and a mine's worth of jewellery) to become the all-action computer hacker. Wanna know how committed Lisbeth is to the goth life? Even the sight of Daniel Craig isn't enough to make her smile!




Jessica Jones, Seasons 1 & 2 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Krysten Ritter has always been a dab hand at playing dark characters, so it’s no surprise that her turn as the moody private investigator has been such a hit! It’s not always easy, either – you try navigating a heatwave in jeans and a leather jacket! – but she’s nothing if not committed…







Maleficent, now on Sky Cinema, Virgin TV 301 - 321 & Sky Cinema On Demand


Dark, brooding and invariably vampy, the mistress of evil might be one of the most devilishly dark creations that Disney have ever given the world. It’s no harm to have Angelina Jolie bringing her to life – a woman who’s always had a certain air about her – while a haunting soundtrack and stunning special effects complete the package!






Hotel Transylvania, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


So, when your dad is Dracula, you’re probably expected to keep some of the family traditions alive, including a decidedly unhealthy level of moribundity. And, to be fair, you’d have to say that the image is comprehensively nailed here – though there’s maybe questions to be asked about the fun-loving attitude entirely unbecoming of a monster!




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