Sunday Cures - What to Watch on TV

Whether you’re battling a hangover after a big Saturday night or you’re in need of some serious chill time after a tough week at work, Sundays serve as the perfect cure. But what to get up to, you might ask... Check out our top picks!



There’s nothing like settling down in front of the TV with an awesome box set – it can make those last few precious hours of freedom seem like they last a whole lot longer. Ideal for entertaining a hangover away and also perfect for an afternoon chill! Make sure there are lots of episodes available for lots of Sunday view-time!


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The deliciously dark comedy following a conwoman can deliver suspense and snorts of laughter in one go – now that’s impressive and EXACTLY what a Sunday calls for.


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Maybe high octane action is just what you need to cure those Sunday symptoms - luckily Kingdom runs on the same fuel! It could even save you a trip to the gym if you’re imaginative enough... 


Accomplishing something like, say, an entire movie franchise on a lazy Sunday would give even the most defeated soul its mojo back. And, luckily for you, there are heaps of epic movie franchises available now on Virgin Movies.


All four movies are available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99

All four movies from the original series? We think you can manage that. Whether you get your mates ‘round or delve in alone, we reckon this is ideal Sunday viewing material!


All four movies are available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99

Ripley’s always been the go-to role model for hardedged sci-fi heroines, and her resilience in the face of otherworldly evil could help you gear up for the working week too!