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Our bulletproof best buddy is back! Luke Cage returns to Netflix this week, with a second ultra-stylish season landing on the streaming service this Friday. From the bangin’ tunes to the tightly woven plot, the first batch of episodes were an absolute delight two years ago – perhaps even the best Marvel series yet? – and you can trust us when we say the sophomore season looks like being just as brilliant.




It’s hardly the only thing to pencil into the diary for the coming seven days though – au contraire. In fact, there’s an absolute heap of terrific telly to look forward to; so much, in fact, that we decided to give you a helping hand in picking out the best on the box in the week ahead…




Sunday at 10pm, FOX, Virgin TV 126


He’s most recently been lauded for his rap game and the epic video for ‘This Is America’, and for his outstanding performance in Solo. Now, Donald Glover returns to the small screen to remind us that there’s simply nothing he can’t do (the annoying so-and-so!). The first instalment of the comedy-drama impressed with its perfect balance of gritty reality and witty repartees; expect both, and plenty more besides, to be present and correct once again as the exceptional show begins its second season…







Friday at 10pm, Channel 4, Virgin TV 111


As much a part of Friday night as the smile when you realise the weekend is here, the comedy stylings of Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are some of the most enjoyable on the box. The fact that they stay impressively abreast of the topics of the day doesn’t hurt either, and one can only assume that Season 14 of the show will feature the same sort of A-list guests hitting the sofa as we’ve seen over the past six years…






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With Love Island in full swing – and Big Brother just around the corner – there’s no mistaking reality TV season is upon us once again. There’s also little doubting that the bould Ms Crosby – the feisty, foul-mouthed star of Geordie Shore – has made a more considerable impact than most, which explains why the fly-on-the-wall series charting her life away from the mayhem of the series is still compulsive viewing!






Every day from 1pm, BBC2, Virgin TV 109


If the World Cup isn’t enough to scratch your sporting itch, then Auntie Beeb is serving up a treat! The traditional warm-up tournament for Wimbledon is set to attract its strongest field in history, with 17 of the world’s top 30 players donning their whites and familiarising themselves with the lightning fast grass surface. If you’d rather keep tabs on how some of the women are preparing, then Birmingham is the tournament for you; that one’s being broadcast on Eurosport (Virgin TV 423).







From Monday, Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Tapping into our thirst for true crime programming (because honestly, we can’t get enough!), this season is subtitled The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.; a pretty clear indication of what we’re dealing with. The fact that it’s two different incidents, though – and therefore two different investigations – means there’s an interesting structure to the show; the fact that the crimes themselves are still shrouded in mystery more than two decades later simply makes it all the more compelling…




Good things come in threes!

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