Vote For The Best Superhero On The Box Right Now

This week sees a pair of powerful presences return to our screens, as Supergirl flies back into action on Sky One (Virgin TV 114) while Matt Murdock resumes his duties as Daredevil, which is back for a third season on Netflix (Virgin TV 999).

Their coincidental comebacks were enough to get us thinking about who truly reigns supreme in the battle of superpowered TV heroes; we’ve shortlisted some of the cream of the comic-book crop, and want you to vote for your favourite!

Best TV Superhero


Supergirl, Mondays @ 8pm, Sky One (Virgin TV 114)


Her driving license might say Kara Danvers, but we know it’s really Kara Zor-El – of the Krypton Zor-Els, of course! Superman’s cousin has to keep her identity somewhat under wraps, but she’s got all the help she needs at the DEO; quite convenient, really!




Daredevil, Season Three available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999)


The artist formerly known as Matt Murdock left fighting for his legal clients behind for fighting crime in Hell’s Kitchen – and NYC has been safer ever since! He might live his life in darkness, but he’s one of the brightest lights on the box…




Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., available now on Virgin Box Sets


OK, so he can’t fly, he isn’t ultra-strong, and he doesn’t have radioactive blood coursing through his veins – but is anyone arguing he is anything short of super?! The leader of the spy agency is a gadget guru, a fearsome fighter, and a brainbox to boot – which makes him wholly heroic in our book! 




Jessica Jones, available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999)


Our Jess is a bit of a troubled soul, but her heart is nearly always in the right place…which is bad news for the bad guys! Between her staggering strength and her tack-sharp mind, she brings a lot of talent to the table…





The Flash, Thursdays @ 8pm, Sky One (Virgin TV 114)


Barry Allen doesn’t sound like one of the most dynamic men in the world – but this fleet-footed wonder boasts the sort of incendiary speed to set the world alight! His show is pretty sensational too; lighter than most crime-fighting fare, it’s a treat for genre junkies and newcomers alike! 




Luke Cage, available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999)


This bullet-proof bruiser is the star of one of telly’s coolest series – but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’ll be laid-back if you’ve been doing something you shouldn’t! 




The Gifted, Sundays @ 9pm, FOX (Virgin TV 126)


Smart, popular, pretty, and with a gift for manipulating matter at a molecular level; some people just have it all, eh?! Her abilities might have caused a bit of a headache for her parents, but this mutant minor seems pretty perfect to us… 


Who gets your vote as the best superhero on the box?
Phil Coulson
Jessica Jones
The Flash
Luke Cage
Lauren Strucker
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