Our Most Memorable Moments From Ugly Betty

Our Most Memorable Moments From Ugly Betty

Grab your Gucci and fetch your Fendi; one of the most stylish shows on the box is storming down the catwalk and back into our lives – Ugly Betty has landed on Virgin Box Sets! Every episode of the awesome series is now available, and we’re wasting no time in checking in with our favourite fashionista!


Of course, we’ve been looking forward to her return for some time; our recent issue of PLAY Magazine included a look at the good, the bad and the Betty – memories that we simply couldn’t forget! You can find the whole thing right here – but here’s a handful of highlights to whet your appetite!




The weird and wonderful Wilhelmina was always a larger-than-life character – so a sequinned send-up on stage made perfect sense! Of course, it was always likely that the ruthless one would be able to work it in her favour; she has a knack for that sort of thing, after all!






Justin’s dad was no angel – we wouldn’t argue otherwise! – but it was also clear that Santos Reynoso had turned things around. That meant we were all stunned when he met with misery at the end of the first season – and the sight of Hilda’s tears took us a long time to get over!





OK, we might still need a catch-up here; what’s the difference between a poncho and a cape again?! This was one of the first times we saw our hero, strutting through the MODE doors without a care in the world – and the memory still shines almost as brightly as the gaudy lettering on her Guadalajara best!




Relive the good, the bad and the Betty in PLAY Magazine right here!