The Hottest Netflix Arrivals This Season

A still of Joe Exotic feeding a tiger in Tiger King

Stuck for something to stream? Well, you’ve come to the right place! If you hop on over to Netflix, Virgin TV 999, you’ll find an array of fresh arrivals awaiting you – and there’s more to look forward to, too! The latest issue of PLAY Magazine saw us round up the most remarkable newbies on the block, and we’ve got your expanded watchlist right here; starting with the season’s biggest sensation...



Season 1 available now


“Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is the official subtitle for this jaw-dropping documentary series – but that barely scratches the surface. From fires to federal investigations, political campaigns to prison sentences, and bigamy to – of course – big cats, there’s something surprising lurking around every corner of this show, which we’d say was unbelievable...if it wasn’t completely true! It’s captured the world’s imagination; if you’re late to the party, don’t wait any longer!




Season 4 available now


This sensational Spanish thriller – La Casa de Papel if you fancy using its original title! – became the most-watched non-English language show in Netflix history, and for good reason; it’s incredibly intricate, terrifically tense and completely and utterly addictive. The latest season arrived at the start of April, but if you need to start from the beginning you’re in for an absolute treat!




Season 1 available now


Whether you’re a football fan or not, it’s hard to argue that the beautiful game hasn’t left a mark on the world – so it’s fair to say that the story of its beginning is one worth telling! This sumptuous six-parter looks the period part, and boasts a sprawling cast studded with outstanding performances; you’ll be delighted to see Irish actors Niamh Walsh and Sam Keeley in amongst it, too!




Available now


A film filled with mystery, suspense, and hard-hitting emotion, a woman seeks to track down her missing daughter – and finds a web of deceit, lies, and a grimy criminal underworld. The story is powerful, while the fiery performance of Amy Ryan is the beating heart of a movie that will linger in the memory for a while…




Season 1 available from April 16th


Executively produced by shedloads of Academy Award winners, this powerful nine-episode documentary series exposes the difficult truth about the state of America’s seriously flawed criminal justice system. It’s deeply compelling and not to be missed, although you mightn’t be munching on popcorn watching this one!




Season 2 available from April 24th


Ricky Gervais’ pitch-black comedy was one of last year’s most unexpected delights – pointed, provocative and poignant, too – so you’d best believe we’re counting down the days to the second batch! We don’t anticipate Tony Johnson will have changed his downcast ways too much...but that’s probably no bad thing!


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