Five Reasons We're Loving This Way Up

Aisling Bea

Forget the Friday feeling; right now, Thursday evenings are more than enough for us. Why? Well, because the much-anticipated This Way Up has landed – and we’re already hooked!



Written by and starring Kildare’s own Aisling Bea, the smashing show has already staked a claim as one of the summer’s biggest hits. Airing Thursdays at 10pm on Channel 4, Virgin TV 111 (and available to view in its entirety on All4), it’s one you really shouldn’t miss – and here’s a few reasons why!



Panel show performances, stand-up success, and some awesome acting turns too meant we were well aware of Aisling Bea’s genius for a while – but seeing her tackle a show that has more heartbreak than hilarity shows a whole new side of her! Pulling dual roles of writer and main character Aine is no mean feat, either, but it’s one she carries off with aplomb. Superstardom beckons…





Of course, it’s not just Aisling who’s front and centre; she’s joined by her on-screen sister – and fellow daughter of Ireland – Sharon Horgan. To see two of the country’s finest on-screen exports sharing the spotlight warms the heart, while their banter is well able to tickle our funnybones too!



Classroom comedies are always a rich source of craic, and Aine’s motley crew is no different; it’s not only where the TEFL teacher is at her peppiest, but perhaps where the most downright entertaining events of the series take place. A story that has so much depth and darkness needs its lighter moments, and it’s at school where we find them!




We’re unlikely to be the only ones who were all set for a side-splitting comedy; the reality, of course, has been rather different. Dealing with depression, loss and loneliness, it’s been poignant, passionate and perfectly pitched – with just enough chuckles mixed in along the way.



Shows often live and die on their ability to create stakes, and characters to get behind; in Aine, we have a heroine to root for like we would our favourite football team. Her journey might not be an easy one, but that’s all the more reason to follow it faithfully; it might not always have the hallmarks of a feel-good show, but This Way Up is one to get under your skin – and stay there!


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