We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together Cast

There’s nothing that gets the heart racing quite like a gritty crime drama, which is why we’re preparing ourselves — emotionally, physically, and every other way — for the arrival of the biggest new series of the season; Alibi’s amazing We Hunt Together.


A tale of two twosomes, it follows the stories of a mis-matched, murderous tag-team operating in the shadows — and the equally unlikely pair of coppers charged with catching them.

AIring Wednesdays at 10pm, with all episodes on demand from May 27, on Alibi, Virgin TV 151, We Hunt Together promises to have you glued to the screen — and to help set the scene, here’s the inside scoop from its stars!




The show stars Eve Myles and Babou Ceesay as DS Lola Franks and DI Jackson Mendy, an unconventional crimefighting duo who need to put in as much work on their own relationship as they do in finding the bad guys.


“In many ways, Jackson’s narrative doesn’t exist without Lola,” says Babou. “This is the first time that he’s going to be able to test his theory of life. This intellectual idea that he tries to live by is going to be challenged, not just by murders, but by a colleague who has no time for nonsense.”


In their sights are the homicidal team of Freddy (Hermione Corfield) and Baba (Dipo Ola); one a charismatic and potentially psychopathic criminal, the other a vulnerable former child soldier.


“He’s a dark soul, because of his environment,” Hermione explains. “She’s got an inner darkness, and her own demons. She recognises something in him that she sees in herself.”




Of course, Freddy is something of an unsettling figure at the heart of it all; disarmingly charming yet ruthlessly cold — perhaps not the type of role you would picture the delightful Hermione being attracted to!


“I think what drew me to her was this survival instinct that she has. While she has these traits that we might not recognise, she has this set of morals that she so strongly believes. She is a hustler, and she’s constantly trying to weave her way through life getting the best of what she can.”


It’s deliciously dark and unfailingly compelling — and, as Eve Myles warns, every little detail matters. “Nothing is a coincidence in this show; nothing just happens. Everything has been gone through with a fine tooth comb.”


So clear the couch, pop your phone on silent, and get ready for a feast of fabulous crime drama; We Hunt Together starts this Wednesday!


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