On Fire - Five Reasons We're Loving The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone mini tv series

Nerves shredded, fingernails bitten to the quick, and a puddle of sweat you could swim the backstroke in; they’re surefire signs that someone’s been watching The Hot Zone! The gripping new mini-series, beginning Tuesday at 9pm on National Geographic (Virgin TV 215), is pure adrenaline in TV form, and we have no shame in admitting we’re well and truly hooked!



If you still need convincing, we’ve pulled together the reasons why it’s a must-see – and when your heart is racing as you try to get to sleep next Tuesday evening, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!




Little makes a story more compelling than knowing that it’s based on reality – and that’s the case here. The incredible true story of the ebola virus landing on US soil for the first time, the fact that it’s not some pie-in-the-sky fantasy sci-fi script, but a dramatisation of a very real emergency, makes it all but impossible to look away…





We’re not going to go into the virology here – even though we, like, totally could – but to keep it very simple, the situation here is pretty darn serious! What’s more, things only get more dangerous as time goes on, with lethal missions and life-and-death situations unfolding constantly. The sense of pressure is palpable, and the threat tangible; it’s the stuff to keep you up at night!





Whether it’s Julianna Margulies in the central role of Nancy Jaax, Topher Grace as the hard-headed scientist who she comes up against, or our own Liam Cunningham as her vital ally, there’s a truly cracking cast assembled here. A story is only as good as the people telling it – and on that front, The Hot Zone has things well and truly locked down!





If there’s one thing that can hurt a drama, it’s when the pacing eases off to explore different characters or expand the scope of affairs. But in a six-episode mini-series, there’s no time for that. No, it’s pedal to the metal from first ‘til last, meaning the show is a white-knuckle ride that offers little by way of a chance to relax – this is an intense one!





Look, we don’t think we’re ruining anything by telling you that the population of United States was not, in fact, wiped out by the Ebola virus in 1989. The point of the show is that most people don’t know how close the disaster really was. After six of the most heart-stopping, breath-taking episodes of TV you’ll see this year, the sense of relief is something to savour – and a feeling that not many shows will ever match!



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