Why Stitchers Is The Show You Need To See

Stitchers Boxset

Is sci-fi your scene? Crave a bit of crime drama? Well, how about we roll the two together in a high-octane package, and deliver three full seasons direct to Virgin Box Sets?! Because that’s exactly what’s happened – now get ready for Stitchers.




Part police procedural, part supernatural saga, it’s a fascinating feast of mysterious plots, well-definited characters and more twists and turns than the road to Sligo. We’d be here for days going through everything, so here’s a brief primer; what you need to know to convince yourself it’s the show you need to see right now…




At the heart of the show is a powerful new technology; the National Security Agency is capable of “stitching” – hence the name, obvz! – an agent into the memories of the recently deceased, allowing them to access information to help solve crimes. It’s a brilliant idea, and the show is never afraid of leaning into the eerie nature of it, either; there’s a study of psychic abilities, and even a Halloween special, both getting a double thumbs-up as far as we’re concerned!






There’s scarcely a role in this show that isn’t comprehensively nailed. Emma Ishta is excellent as Kirsten Clark, the talented student recruit at the centre of the show, but there’s plenty more battling for the spotlight too; Kyle Harris sparkles as a neuroscientist within the program, while Salli Richardson-Whitfield threatens to steal every scene as the scheme’s head honcho. If you’re only as good as your cast, then this show has nothing to worry about!





And no, we don’t just mean into the past! Unlike some procedurals, where character arcs are sacrificed for instant pay-offs, there are numerous examples of characters whose stories develop over time; the aforementioned Kyle being one illustration of this, while Kirsten’s roommate Camille provides another fine example. Amid all the dynamic drama across the show as a whole, the key players have room to grow for themselves – and that’s the sort of thing that keeps us coming back!





If your busy life doesn’t allow for bingeing a few hundred episodes of a show, then get in line for Stitchers; it’s exemplary in its efficiency. Weighing in at three batches of ten episodes – with the aforementioned Halloween special thrown in for the LOLs – there’s no excuse for not squeezing it into your schedule. In any case, trust us; once you give it a go, you won’t need much convincing to make time for it!





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