Six Quirky Comedies You Need To Watch Right Now

Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle: Pen15 Sky Comedy

Let’s be honest; we could all do with a bit of a laugh. That’s true at the best of times, of course, but somehow feels even more pertinent these days! Whether it’s back-to-school blues, the chill in the weather, or just a little bit of everything, comic relief is needed – and quick!


Well, a few minutes of reading this list and your rib-tickling watchlist for weeks will be sorted! And they’re not your average comedies, either; from a sprinkling of mystery to a splash of darkness, we’ve selected six slightly different options that’ll have you chuckling into your tea for the month…



Season 1 available now on Prime Video


A young man killed in a car crash seems like an odd way to kick off a comedy, but this excellent show helmed by Greg Daniels – whose credits include everything from The Simpsons to Parks and Rec – breaks moulds in all sorts of ways! Laced with intrigue, and more than a little bit of melancholy, it’s inventive and innovative television that subverts what comedy is all about...though that’s not to say you won’t roar with laughter with regularity!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


The strange, strange circumstances of this year didn’t always lend themselves to comedy – but David Tennant and Michael Sheen certainly found a way to smile through the darkness! They star in this bite-sized effort about two actors forced to rehearse their upcoming play through Zoom; playing caricatures of themselves (we hope!), their bratty and silly behaviour is a delight, while the clever premise is a reminder that nothing can stop creative brilliance!



Season 5 airing Thursdays, 8pm, Comedy Central, Virgin TV 127


Fish out of water comedies have always been a favourite of viewers worldwide – but the Asian-American take is something we hadn’t really seen before...until this lot came along! Whip-sharp and frequently sweet, it’s a family sitcom with a difference, a combination of Nahnatchka Khan’s superb script and a collection of pitch-perfect performances delivering the type of fiercely funny family comedy that nobody could resist!



Seasons 1-2 available now on All4


When a family return to England following a continental holiday to find a Syrian refugee in their boot – well, you don’t need to be a TV buff to see some chaos oncoming! What you might not anticipate is the delicate touch that creator and star Rufus Jones brings to the story; while comedy and commentary might not always seem like a natural mix, there’s plenty of both in this clever and well-crafted sitcom that hits the heartstrings as well as the funnybone...




Seasons 1-4 available now on Prime Video


Aussie stand-up Josh Thomas is one funny man – so when he created, wrote and starred in this show, you might expect a barrage of gags from start to finish. And while there’s certainly no shortage of comedic excellence on show, it’s also beautifully honest, decidedly understated, and genuinely touching. The relatable nature makes it a show you’re quickly drawn into; the fits of giggles it will leave you in are what’ll have you recommending it to everyone you know!



Season 2 airing Mondays, 9pm, Sky Comedy, Virgin TV 123


Cringe comedy isn’t for everyone – so if watching shows without gripping a cushion for comfort isn’t your idea of a good time, be warned! If you find a little bit of awkwardness awesome, though, you’re in for an almighty treat. Starring creators Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle as their schoolgirl selves, it’s ferociously faithful to adolescent life – warts and all! It’s won raves since the very beginning; if you’re not on board yet, now’s the time…


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