Five Reasons To Get Excited For Ireland’s Euro Qualifiers

Irish Team

Look, we’ve got to be honest; there’s been one or two occasions in recents years when it’s been tough to get too excited about the Irish national football team. Don’t get us wrong, we still love the boys in green – but there’s only so much disappointment we can really handle!


But, on the eve of another pair of Euro 2020 qualifiers, we’re staying optimistic… and there’s good reason why! So if you’re looking ahead to the big games against Denmark on Friday June 7th and Gibraltar on Monday June 10th – both live on Sky Sports – and wondering what the fuss is about, we’ve got a few reasons to get worked up…





Odd numbered years usually mean trouble for footy fans; without the World Cup or European Championships to keep us occuppied, there’s a big old gap in the schedule once the domestic season finishes up. The new calendar ensures no such downtime, though; we’re straight into international action within days (or hours!) of the celebrations at the end of the club season!





OK, we should probably keep things in perspective here; we’re only two games in, after all! But with two wins from two, Ireland literally couldn’t be in a better spot. They might have come against Gibraltar and Georgia – likely to be the weakest opponents in the group – but wins are wins, and the campaign is off to a good start. Long may it last!





While the likes of Luca Connell and James Talbot might not play key roles at this point, their inclusion in Mick McCarthy’s squad is another exciting step forward for the team. Irish football has probably needed a little bit of a shot in the arm for a while, and a handful of newcomers is no bad move in that respect…





If there’s one valid complaint when it comes to internationals, it’s that countries don’t have time to build rivalries like teams who play in the same league year in, year out. Well, nobody told the Danes, because it seems like every time we turn around, there they are – ready to smash us! Christian Eriksen and co. kept us out of the World Cup and swept us aside in the Nations League; we’re thinking payback is in order!





To borrow a classic Fergie-ism, there’s surely no way that Ireland should come unstuck against the ultimate minnows in European football – right? While Mick McCarthy’s men made tough work of the away trip, they’ll still be prohibitive favourites to claim the points at the Aviva – and any time we have something close to a guaranteed win on the horizon is a good thing in our books!



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