Four Questions We Need Answered In Red Rock

Red Rock

Our nails are chewed to the quick, there’s a pool of sweat on the sofa every Monday evening – it must mean Red Rock’s back! Yes, the deliciously dark drama returned to our screens earlier this month, and it’s not taken long for us to get completely hooked once again.


Virgin Media TV customers have their addictions well taken care of, with the next episode available to view On Demand the second the 9pm Virgin Media One showing is done. But what we’re hoping to see – well, that’s a different story. While there’s still plenty of road left, we’ve got a couple of concerns that need addressing quick-sharp; the four most pressing are as follows…





We’re not suggesting the bould Mr. Kiely is like a cat…because to be honest, he’s probably had more than nine miraculous escapes by now! With every turn the stakes get higher, though – and now that we know that the little French soujourn wasn’t exactly his bag (see what we did there?!) the net feels even tighter than ever. Does he have one more stroke of luck on his side? There may not be a removal van around this corner!




While Keith’s capers have him face-to-face with danger, there might be even greater concern from afar; Johno’s clone of Little Barry’s phone has him hot on Kiely’s case. The 19 (nineteen!) calls to Normandy let us know that the man with the tummy upsets must be a bit of a talker, so who knows what sort of inroads the cops will make following his communications?




OK, so we know the bloke’s a sleazy character. But you’d still have to doff the cap; whether it’s charming Patricia or smart-talking investigating officers, Big Tom is an able operator. But the tangled web has the politician and businessman – oh, and murderer – bang in the middle of it. One false move could start one bloody great domino effect; can he stay in control?




Look, enough with all the serious business – who’s looking out for everyone’s favourite clerk? Consistently lightening the mood with all the best lines (which, let’s face it, is a big job in a town this dark and dramatic!), the eternal romantic is still looking for Mr Right. It might not be the best place to look – seriously, is anyone in the area above board?! – but we’ve still got our fingers crossed for a happy ending…



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