Premier League Prep

Manchester United’s Luke Shaw

The smell of the pies, the sounds of the terraces, and the feeling of indescribable fear as your team fights to protect a one-goal lead; yes, there’s nothing in the world quite like the Premier League – and kick-off is just around the corner.


For fans, of course, the date of Friday August 9th has been circled for months, in anticipation of Liverpool and Norwich getting the action underway live on Sky Sports – but with just days to go, the waiting is starting to get tough


So with that in mind, we’ve prepared a little survival guide to make sure you reach the start of the season in full match fitness; get watching, downloading and playing this lot, because we’re almost there!



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Reckon the wait for the season to begin has made you a little loopy? Rest easy; no matter what’s going on in your mind, it’s nowhere near what you’ll find in this brilliantly bonkers film! A fantasy comedy about the world’s best footballer suddenly embarking on a delirious odyssey, it’s weird and wonderful in all the right ways – though you’d hope your star striker doesn’t follow suit halfway through the season!




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Ever found yourself watching Watford v Bournemouth without a dog in the fight? Well, you’ve clearly never had Junior Stanislas saving the hopes and dreams of your virtual club with an assist from the right wing! Doing the impossible by inventing a game even more emotionally taxing and infuriatingly unpredictable than the real thing, the fantasy football gods changed how we watch the sport – and just like the real thing, clever investment of pre-season time can pay off in a major way!



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Doing exactly what it says on the tin, informing you of every time the onion bag has been rattled is the main M.O. here; the fact that it’s just about the fastest such service that we’ve come across means it stands out from the pack! There’s more to it, of course – with extensive stats powered by Opta another highlight – but it’s the thrill of being the first of your mates to know when the keeper’s been beaten that’ll keep you using this one!



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Nobody – and we really do mean nobody – knows more about winning the Premier League than the legendary Scottish manager; he collected the title an eye-watering 13 times during his unparalleled tenure at Manchester United. This documentary is a look at the off-the-field ingredients for success – so let’s hope the gaffer of your team watches too! We’d also recommend Sunderland Til I Die, perhaps the finest footy doc of recent years – but, well, it’s not exactly a blueprint for glory!



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