Six Podcasts You Need To Hear This Spring


Keeping track of every exceptional podcast to hit the scene can be a full-time job – but we’re doing our best to help! And so, we’ve singled out six sensational series worth checking out; from a true crime blast-from-the-past to interesting new interviews, these are the shows to wrap your ears around right now! So grab your phone and hit subscribe, because these are the shows to soundtrack this season…




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This dive into the criminal justice system has been appointment listening for years, but it’s a return to one famous case that makes it can’t miss this spring. Adnan Syed – the focus of the show’s first season, as well as that of Serial – is back in the news, which means new episodes following his story are on the way!




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If you’ve never taken a chance on an audio drama before, then there’s few safer starting points than with Auntie Beeb; they’ve been doing this since before podcasts were invented! This epic follows the Iranian Revolution some 40 years ago, with a sprawling cast and ever-changing vantage points providing an immersive experience of world-changing events.




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OK, so he clearly didn’t overextend himself in thinking of a title! Funnily enough, though, it rather suits the set-up; delightfully unassuming, it’s built on nothing more than interesting guests popping by for some wholesome conversation. When your first guests are the likes of Olivia Coleman, Whoopi Goldberg, and fellow Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker, what more do you need?!




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While the interviewees are pretty successful folks, it’s the lessons learned along the way that form the basis for this interview series that devotes just as much time to what didn’t work as what did. Whether talking to entrepreneurs, artists or activists, it’s interesting, inspiring and altogether refreshing – and a reminder that, despite the opinion of that great philosopher Homer Simpson, the lesson is not “never try”!




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The world’s most awesome Anchorman makes his podcast bow – and it’s everything we could possibly want it to be! Whether it’s offering his take on the ubiquitous true crime genre (“white hot, like molten lava”), or pondering meditation with the no less an authority than Deepak Chopra, one of the best comedy characters in recent memory is in rare form – how we’ve missed him!




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Yes, we’ve joined the podern family! A one-stop shop for the latest and greatest in entertainment, you can expect news, views, reviews and interviews and heaps more besides. The first episode features chats with The Passage star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a Bohemian Rhapsody breakdown with music mastermind Stuart Clark, a Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival primer with festival director Grainne Humphreys – and that’s merely the tip of the iceberg!