The Netflix Releases That Have Us Buzzing This Summer

New Netflix Releases Summer 2019

It’s another cracking season for Netflix releases – and the shows arriving on platform this summer are as hot as they come! From the return of beloved series to the first instalments of some new favourites, our days are even brighter with this lot! Hit up Virgin TV channel 999 to see for yourself; this is just a small sample of what’s waiting for you…




Seasons 1-3 available now


Tom Kirkman’s sudden presidency continues with his toughest challenges yet, as the third season of the political thriller roars into action. The drama is as intense as the plot is innovative, whilst at the heart of it all Kiefer Sutherland reminds us all just why he’s regarded as one of the most compelling and charismatic leads on the box!





Seasons 1-2 available now – Season 3 available from July 4th


It might be synonymous with Halloween, but it’s another famous date that we’re counting down to for the third instalment of this one; July 4th – that’s Independence Day in the US of A – will see Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Will and the rest riding back into our lives! Expect more 80s nostalgia and more sci-fi spookiness as cutest boys on the box make their return…






Season 1 available now


A modern take on Lord of the Flies sees a group of teenagers transported to a place that looks just like their wealthy New England hometown – but with zero trace of the lives they left behind! A teen drama stuffed with twists and turns, the first season boasts both style and substance, as well as a young cast who excel as they struggle, scramble and scheme their way to survival.





Season 1 available now


This new arrival to our screens has a premise that’s a little left-field; two friends from high school reuniting in New York City – but with one moonlighting as a dominatrix, with her buddy roped in to be her assistant. It’s bite-sized and brilliantly funny – though we’d recommend you don’t watch with your mum in the room!





Seasons 1-5 available now


It’s the most fabulous futuristic anthology on the box, and three more episodes of Charlie Brooker’s mind-bending creation have enlivened the summer no end! Whether it’s the trippy plots, or the equally trippy appearance of Miley Cyrus as a disillusioned pop star, there’s a whole lot to like – and, as is par for the course with this one, plenty of food for thought once the credits have rolled too!





Seasons 1-3 available now


The newly-arrived third batch might be the last chapter in the story of the dark and dreary private detective, but she’s going out with an almighty bang! From hunting down a serial killer to sorting out her mess of a personal life, she’s certainly got enough on her plate – but is anything really too much for a superhero to handle?! Well, there’s only one way to find out…




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