Why New Netflix Show Maniac Is Going To Be Mega

It seems like there’s a new blockbuster series landing on Netflix every week at this stage – but we’re more excited about Maniac than just about any other!


Arriving this Friday, the dark comedy is based on a Norwegian series of the same name (which is also on Netflix, if you fancy checking it out ahead of time!), but it’s been given a whole load of Hollywood glitz in this new incarnation.



So why are we counting down the days? Well, here’s a handful of reasons…



Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are two of Tinseltown’s leading lights – they’ve come a long way from Superbad! – so any series with that pair leading the way is bound to be pretty special! Throw in the likes of Justin Theroux and Sally Field as part of a superlative support cast, and you’re talking about one of the best collections of talents to appear together on screen in a loooooong time…



While it seems like there’s more of a sci-fi twist than the Nordic version, one key detail remains exactly the same; there are dream sequences, fantasies, and weird tangents around every corner. The result is that the action can go just about anywhere, from the distant past to the distant future, making it one of the most unusual and unpredictable shows you’ll ever see!



The original series was hailed for some side-splitting hilarity, and even from the trailer we can spot some ideal springboards for the starring duo to flex their comedic muscles. Blending a thought-provoking story with some rib-tickling humour is no easy feat, but we’ve got a funny feeling (pun intended!) that this could be a rare example of just how it’s done!



Whether it’s his outstanding Netflix film Beasts Of No Nation, or the sensationally stylish first season of True Detective, director Cary Fukunaga has earned a reputation as being something of a genius behind the lens. The inspired premise allows for a multitude of different settings and scenarios – meaning Fukunaga can really let his imagination run wild!



OK, we love a show that can go for years and years - but there’s also something to be said for keeping it short and sweet on occasion! That’s exactly what this mini-series looks set to do, with just a single run of 10 episodes slated. We’ve seen minds change when it comes to these matters before, of course, but for now it looks like being a compact cracker!



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