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Ru Paul Drag Race

The year may have only just begun, but there’s already signs that we’re in for a treat on the box; certainly, if the first few weeks of 2020 are anything to go by, there’s going to be super shows flying at us left, right and centre!


With the schedule already starting to fill, we’ve run through a few of the very finest programs to pop onto our radar; one week in, and we’re already excited!



Sundays @ 8pm, BBC One, Virgin TV 108


We were only just getting over our love of the period drama’s Christmas special, before normal service was resumed with the start of a brand new season – really, they are spoiling us! Auntie Beeb has even promised another run after this one, meaning we can sit back, relax and enjoy!



New episodes Mondays on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


We’ve been forewarned that this season will be the last – which is all the more reason that we’ve been counting down to its return! The first half of the season ended with a bang (quite literally!), so we’re expecting major drama from the off; after all, there’s just weeks before it reaches its final climax!



Thursday @ 9pm, BBC One, Virgin TV 108


The Caribbean cracker tends to do exactly as it says on the tin, and this ninth go-round promises to be no different; more deaths, and Saint Marie is still only gorgeous! If the weather outside is giving you the shivers, then curling up to watch DI Jack Mooney and go strutting their stuff will warm your heart!



Friday @ 9pm, Channel 4, Virgin TV 111


David Tennant stars in this new four-parter about a tragedy that rocks a small Scottish village – and the man who might just be responsible. From Criminal to Jessica Jones, he’s shown he can do dark with the best of them, so we imagine that for an engrossing mystery, this’ll be just what the (former) doctor ordered!



From Friday on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Move over Olivia Colman – the ultimate screen queen is back on her throne! By that, of course, we mean RuPaul, who stars here as a travelling drag performer with an unlikely road mate; a recently orphaned 11 year old. For someone who’s specialised in a mix of the heartwarming and the hilarious, it sounds like another winner!


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