Step Into Nature – The Best Wildlife Shows On The Box!

Nature Shows

Nature is incredible. Brutal beasts of the animal kingdom fighting for survival in a battle of the fittest; weird and wonderful creatures dwelling at unexplored depths of the ocean floors; mountains scraping the sky; deserts where no plants grow; truly, it’s something to behold. 


It’s also – variously – too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too high, too deep, too noisy, too quiet, too far… and too darn scary!


Raise a toast, then, to the brave souls who venture into the wild with little other than a camera for company, and bring some of the most spellbinding sights on the planet right into our living room! It’s especially something to celebrate right now, as there’s a veritable stampede of superb nature shows making their way onto our schedules. So wrap up warm and explore some of these exceptional offerings – from the comfort of your couch, that is…




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


A full four years of filming went into creating this mesmerising masterpiece – helmed by the undisputed king of the genre. David Attenborough is our guide on a show where the wonderful sights and wildlife most certainly play a part, but so too do lessons on climate change and the lessons of industrialisation. Must see TV for all manner of reasons…




Mondays @ 8pm, Nat Geo Wild, Virgin TV 216


Remember when we said nature can be scary? Well, you might want to watch this one with the lights on, because documentary series don’t get much more deadly! From a snake whose prey dies from the inside, to a fox that could hear your fear, there’s a whole lot to be afraid of. They’re not going to come out of your telly though, don’t worry!




Sundays @ 9pm, National Geographic, Virgin TV 215


Bear Grylls has never been one to shy away from travelling off the beaten track – but this brand new series brings things to a whole new level! The wonders of modern camera technology brings us from the depths of the oceans to harsh mountaintops, exploring the animal kingdom’s masters of survival. Breathtaking and occasionally brutal, it’s an exciting step into the wild!




Sunday May 5th @ 6pm, Nat Geo Wild, Virgin TV 216


A one-off special looking at a far-flung destination off Antartica, this one is a definite date-for-your-diary event. Explorer Bertie Gregory is the main man, but the real stars are the penguins, fur-seals and other creatures – while the villains are those who played a part in a horrific history of slaughter that left entire populations on the brink…


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