Love Island Catch Up

Maura Higgins Love Island

This year has brought with it some pretty strange and shocking twists, and the cancellation of this year’s instalment of Love Island certainly left a bit of a gap in our summer. After all, the annual reality extravaganza has become as much a part of the season as beach days and barbecues – what would we ever do without it?!


Well, the answer is simple; look back on seasons past, that’s what! While there may not be any new Islanders to poke fun of, the iconic voice of Iain Sterling with return to the screens this Monday, July 20th, at 9pm on Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103, with the first of three special episodes collecting some of the most memorable moments of the last five years.


So, let’s see what you have to look forward to!




Mixing big personalities is a surefire recipe for fireworks, and we all know that the villa has played host to some serious rumbles over the years! From Hannah and Jon clashing in Season 1 to Maura delivering the mother of all stripdowns to Tom last year, there’s been tasty tear-ups by the truckload – and this is a look back at the best of them!



Remember when Wes ‘could be happier’? Or when Kady got crazy? Or how about Hayley and Charlie arguing all the way home after getting dumped? Well if you’ve somehow forgotten, this show will bring it all back – and if you can still recall those moments clear as day, then enjoy reliving them all over again!




The clue is in the name; beyond the shouting and the sunbathing, romance lies at the heart of Love Island. So consider this episode an hour of getting back to our roots – a run through some of the most heart-melting heroes and mushy moments the show has given us. A marriage proposal, musical numbers, and a man who thought he was a unicorn; we’ve seen some pretty mindblowing expressions of emotion in the villa when Cupid’s arrow takes aim!



Of course, we’ve seen enough now to know that just as much happens when the crew has finished filming – so the show will also catch up with some of the loved-up lad and ladies to find out what went down off-screen! If you’re a romantic at heart, then brace yourself...




Everything else aside, the thing that keeps bringing us back to the island is that it’s a bloody good laugh – and this episode brings together the hilarious highlights we’ve witnessed over the years! From chucklesome challenges and the best lines from the Beach Hut, there’ll be mirth to make your sides split from start to finish.



Add in some of the less likely comedy hits the show has thrown up – Demi hitting the deck a few months ago as the perfect example! – and the prospect of the sardonic Mr Sterling offering his take, and we’d recommend warning the neighbours that they might be hearing howling laughter long into the night…


Need more Love Island to get you through? Find last summer’s season in its entirety on Virgin Media Player right here!