Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – The Couples Keep Coming And Going On Love Island!

Love Island Catchup

Another day, another auf wiedersehen to a beautiful Love Island couple. We lost Lucie and George, but we also gained Chris and Francesca – when the love gods close a door, they open a window!


The producers have certainly ticked all our boxes with the latest helping of sun-kissed drama. We were treated to the now infamous, annual lap-dancing episode. The girls had to dress up in sexy costumes to dance for the boys, who are strapped up with some heart monitors. It’s then revealed which of the girls set each boy’s heart racing the most. The boys then do the same for the girls. Please leave your incredulities at the door. This is Love Island after all.


One of our highlights was Curtis gyrating in what can only be described as a King Julian costume. No seriously, the resemblance was uncanny. We’re still laughing.

The winning moment undoubtedly came when it was revealed that it was Amber who sent Michael’s heart racing the most – and not his current partner Joanna.




Maura sent Curtis’s pulse into overdrive and he did the same to her. It’s pretty safe to say the pair is headed for a steamy coupling (avert your eyes, Amy). Speaking of, there’s a re-coupling on the horizon, with the girls making the call this time round. We’re praying the producers let Amber choose before Joanna, so she can throw a spanner in the works and pick Michael. Maybe new girl Francesca will choose before Maura and snatch Curtis out of her grasp. That would be a Longford-style dressing-down we’d love to see!




Whatever happens, the boy left single will be dumped from the Island, and our money is on Marvin. In happier news, Tommy and Molly-Mae became official boyfriend and girlfriend, and we have a feeling they could be heading straight for the £50,000 prize money.


With only three weeks left on the island, things are about to start hotting up, and we know those pesky producers will be trying their best to cause trouble in paradise…don’t forget, we have the nail-biting lie detector episode yet to come!




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