Love Island 2019 is BACK - Here’s the lowdown on the first episode

Caroline Flack

After what feels like an eternity, Love Island returned with a BANG last night to Virgin Media Two and boy was it worth the wait!

As has become the norm now – we meet the eligible ladies from the season before being introduced to the lads. 


This year’s girls on the hunt for love in the villa are Amber, Amy, Anna, Lucie and Dublin native Yewande. (Yay for an Irish interest!!) 


In a nutshell, Geordie lass Amber says she’s looking for a lad who’s good looking and can make her laig( who isn’t?!) and also says that she’s going to go for looks over personality this year. 


Next up, we met blue eyed blond air hostess Amy who told us that her jet setting lifestyle has made it almost impossible for her to find a boyfriend – but she’s looking for this to change in the villa. 


Sultry looking pharmacist Anna says her parents have been piling on the pressure for her to find at husband at 28- and she’s seeking a combination of looks, brains and personality. 


Surfer Lucie brings something different to the girls this year with a very boho look. She’s looking for a fellow fitness fanatic.  


“Someone who looks like me” she added.  


The last lovely lady we were introduced to (great news for Irish fans of the show) was Dublin native Yewande. A scientist with a degree in bio technology, she’s got brains and beauty – and is looking for find her match while she’s on the Island.  


After some lols and chats with host Caroline Flack (who literally looks the EXACT same as she did when she was hosting X Factor!? Send us your anti-aging tips pls)  we were introduced to the boyzzz. 


First up was Scottish gym owner Anton, who made the not so clever opening admission he’s got a bit of a wandering eye...


Engineer Callum seems like the soft and sensitive soul of the villa, and is afraid that he’ll be left out in the cold and won’t find a match…Sniff. 


Sandwich and catering company owner  Joe provided one of the best laughs of the night as he admitted that he was never a ladies man when he was growing up, but had a “glow up” and now his curly mop and beach boy looks appeal to the masses…. 


More laughs from Liverpudlian Michael who modestly rated himself as a 10/10 for looks AND personality. In addition to this, he’s a firefighter, which he says adds to his charm. 


“I’m a hero, who doesn’t want their own everyday local hero,” he added. 


Next up, we  met fiery chef Sherif, who says that he’s got a bit of a reputation for being a player…because he doesn’t “waste time.”  


The new arrivals didn’t mess around, and quickly got down to getting to know each other and coupling up.  Here were your initial couples…. We say “were” because those pesky producers had a surprise in store for the Islanders… 


Just when they all seemed to be getting along so well,  Geordie Amber revealed a surprise twist – the arrival of two other male contestants. 


Step forward Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury with dramatic villa entrances. 


The two boys are quickly put to work – as they’ve been given the specific task of rocking the (love) boat and finding two girls to couple up with in 24 hours – putting two poor lads out on their own and “vulnerable.” 


Can’t wait for tonight’s episode already – and neither can anyone else. 


On a final note, there’s one other word that emerged from the series opener – and it’s guaranteed to be one of “the” words of the summer….

If you missed last night’s first episode, and need to get your fix , you can catch up with all the island happenings on Virgin Player here