Two Couples Leave Love Island – And We’re On The Home Straight!

Love Island Constant

Goodbye to Anna & Jordan and Chris & Harley – really. Hello to seven new faces – sort of. This season of Love Island might be drawing to a close, but there’s no signs of the drama slowing down anytime soon!


Anna and Jordan were rightly on the rocks after the latter poured his heart out to India – and a fair whack of the 24 hours after were spent attempting to mend fences. Well, they needn’t have bothered, as the results of the public vote left the pair packing their bags and leaving the island.


Chris and Harley also said their goodbyes, though somehow that one feels less impactful; if nothing else, his muggy mess-up in the headline challenge was enough to earn them marching orders!


Mind, the real story now is whether India-gate, as we’re calling it – and Curtis’ role as agony aunt in the middle of it all – dealt a fatal blow to the fledgling relationship between the hotstepper and Ireland’s belle Maura. Only time will tell, we guess – though with just days to go until the finalé, time might be the one thing they’re low on in the villa!


For some housemates, of course, the day couldn’t go quickly enough – with seven artificial babies delivered to scream, cry and poop their way through the afternoon. As if the contestants don’t provide enough tantrums and tears to keep us all full!

Of course, we’re hoping for a weekend full of even more excitement than usual, with Monday’s conclusion hovering on the horizon. We’re poised to get it too, now that even Molly-Mae and Tommy – the rocks we were leaning on all this time – needed a bit of a clear-the-air conversation earlier this week. If they can’t survive, then who possible can?!


And who can possibly waltz away with the £50k jackpot – and the all important title of Lovebirds In Chief 2019 (not an official title, but we’re running with it). Well, there’s one surefire way to find out; tune into Virgin Media Two (Virgin TV 105) at 9pm, and hang on tight; there’s a few more twists and turns in store, we’re sure of it…



There’s just days left in Love Island 2019 – but it’s never too late to dive in! Catch up on Virgin Media Player right here