Minds Blown – Was This The Wildest Episode Of Love Island This Season?!

Love Island Catchup

What do you get when you mix 14 neon-painted islanders, a set of TV producers out for blood and Caroline Flack kicking a** and taking names? (The latter being quite literal!) Apparently you get the most dramatic episode of this year’s Love Island so far! Nights on Virgin Media Two – Virgin TV 105 – haven’t exactly been quiet, either, so when we say last night was particularly wild you know we’re not kidding!


Let’s start with the man who seems to put his foot in it more than Tommy makes up his own words (‘refreshifies’, anyone?) – Mr Tom Walker. Just a few short days ago, Tom and Ireland’s own Maura were set to spend the night together in the hideaway. Cue the rose petal-covered bed, steamy kisses and, erm, chauvinistic comments. 


Tom was chatting to the other boys about his plans for the hideaway with Maura when, for reasons we’ll be pondering for months to come, he loudly proclaimed they’d shortly know if she was “all mouth” or not. He said this whilst walking towards Maura by the way. Yep. 


From there? Well, Maura forgave all and things seemed to be moving in the right direction for the duo. But then – well, see the comment above regarding Tom putting his foot in it! He told Jordan that Maura wasn’t his type because she was OTT, cringey and attention seeking (ouch!) – the bones of which got back to the Longford woman because #GirlCode. 


When confronted, Tom promised her it was nothing more than silly worries about them working on the outside and that he’d said nothing bad about her…but this is Love Island, so of course Tom’s harsher comments got back to Maura the following day and she tore strips off him! Applause yet again for Maura giving us A1 viewing. And that was the end of that coupling…


Also worth noting was Molly-Mae and Tommy’s date, where we witnessed TV gold as the boxer tried horse riding for the first time. Seriously, we’ll be using catch-up to re-watch that scene for days! Amber and Michael had a bit of a bust-up and honestly we weren’t okay seeing them argue. They made up the next morning but it’s left a bad taste in our mouths; was that a sign of more trouble to come? 


There was a neon-themed party that night and as always we were treated to a slow-mo montage of the islanders blissfully dancing, grinding and cheering – until MVP Caroline Flack arrived to ‘refreshify’ the villa and kick some people out! 


The public had been voting for their favourite couple, and the top three were Tommy and Molly-Mae, Lucie and Anton, and Amber and Michael. Left with a chance of being dumped from the island were Jordan and Anna, Amy and Curtis, Maura and Tom, and Danny and Arabella. 


Caroline had the three safe girls stand to one side of her, and the three safe boys to the other. It was then she landed the bombshell that the girls would have to choose to dump Danny, Tom, Jordan or Curtis from the island. The boys had to decide if Anna, Amy, Maura or Arabella would be heading home. The drama! The panic! More of Michael’s fantastic facial expressions! 


The girls decided to send Tom home, and the boys sent Arabella home (we could hear Yewande cheer all the way from her couch in Dublin). So Danny was left heartbroken and teary eyed, while Maura was left smug and victorious. 


And as if all of that wasn’t enough, we learned 12 more ridiculously attractive singles are on the way to cause havoc. Yes, it’s Casa Amor time. Steel yourself; things are about to go a bit Pete Tong!  


If you’ve missed a trick along the way – or simply fancy another look at Tommy’s horse-riding, you can catch up with all the island happenings on Virgin Media Player right here!