Winter Love Island Casa Amor

Casa Amor

Reunited – and for some, it doesn’t feel quite as good as advertised! Yes, after a few nights apart as Casa Amor returned, Love Island delivered a bombshell in the truest sense as the islanders (all two dozen of them!) were brought back together by Laura Whitmore for a surprise, and shocking, recoupling.


The outcome? Well, we never thought you’d ask! Just two couples managed to survive throught the week of separation – so let’s hear it for Finn and Paige, and Luke T and Siânnise. That pair of pairs have surely installed themselves as likely contenders for the ultimate prize – not to mention winning a spot in our hearts for proving that not everything ends in tears… We’re sensitive today, sorry!



As for the new combinations? Luke M plumping for Natalia wasn’t completely out of left field, nor was Mike committing to Priscilla – much to Jess’ complete nonchalance.


She, after all, is happy out with walking wall Ched, while Rebecca seems pretty chuffed to have had Jordan swoop in earlier in the week. So, it’s all rosy? Not quite!


Nas pulled a bit of a shocker by ditching Demi for new arrival Eva. But the biggest one was saved until last; while we can’t say we didn’t see it coming, Callum walking in with Molly – Shaughna comprehensively kicked to the kerb – represented the death knell for a couple that had held strong since the very first day.


And now, single but perhaps not entirely in the mood to mingle – judging by their faces, at least! – are Shaughna and Demi.


If your memory is slipping, that leaves six recent arrivals to pack their bags, with four nights of work all that’s necessary. Alexi, Biggs, George, Jade, Jamie and Josh – we hardly knew ye…


For those still in the villa – well, there’s fireworks ahead. We haven’t even seen Shaughna’s reaction yet! And, if previous iterations of the show are anything to go by, it should be just a matter of days before another recoupling to set us on the home straight; hold on tight.


So, to recap; your couples are Mike and Priscilla, Luke M and Natalia, Callum and Molly, Luke T and Siânnise, Finn and Paige, Nas and Eva, Jordan and Rebecca, and Ched and Jess. Shaughna and Demi are single. And things are really getting interesting…


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