What’s Going On This Week In Love Island 2020?

Eight Love Island cast members chatting

If a week can be a long time in the real world, then it’s an absolute age at the Love Island villa in South Africa; that lot don’t mess around! The past seven days alone have seen enough comings and goings to make an airport terminal seem quiet – so if you’ve missed anything, let’s get you caught up!


Last week saw a pair of bombshells arrive together – both named Luke. Luke squared. Luke to the power of Luke. Luke M and Luke T – to not quite give them their full names – weren’t the only newcomers to join gang, either, as this week began with the introduction of Demi and Wallace. That, at time of writing, means there’s 15 contestants currently doing their thing; thank god they lined up a grand big gaff for the series!



If you’re running the numbers, though, you’ll see there’s been a few individuals headed the opposite direction; first Connagh was shown the door – which he managed to not just walk into – and then Connor was given his marching order within a few days. Rumours that South African Airways considered calling themselves Conn Air to fly them both home remain unconfirmed (sorry!).


And, of course, those firmly entrenched in villa life have been up to plenty, too! Mike got the boot (for now, at least) from Leanne for giving her the ‘ick’ – we’re not doctors, so we’re not going to try and explain that one. Leanne didn’t win too many friends with her performance, but given that it took Mike all of about 10 seconds to set his eyes on Sophie, maybe she was doing him a favour!


Meanwhile, Rebecca and Luke T locked lips – but, unfortunately, had a whole load of baked beans in their gobs. That’s something else we can’t pretend to be familiar with, but don’t imagine it’s all that romantic. It also doesn’t help that Luke didn’t clean his face afterwards; c’mon man, get it together!



Despite all that, though, we’re still waiting for a standout couple to appear. Sure, there’s been heads turned and all the rest, but there’s not yet a Dani and Jack or Tommy and Molly-Mae; y’know, the type you can really count on. Of course, there’s plenty of time left – and as we said at the start, a week can be a long time in the world of Love Island…


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