Why This Is The Most Exciting Line Of Duty Season Yet

Line of Duty

Well mother of God, fella! Biting nails and hiding behind cushions is pretty much the norm when it comes to Jed Mercurio’s top cop thriller, but the new season of Line of Duty feels like a different beast entirely!


The fifth go-round of the drama, currently airing on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One (Virgin TV 108), is more intense, more exciting, and generally more extreme than what we’ve seen before – and when you consider what came before, that’s really saying something.



So what is it about this batch that has us sweating? Well, let us first shout SPOILER ALERT – because if you’re not up to date with the series so far, it’s time to look away! But if you’re on pace with the plot, then try these on for starters…




Hilton. Hargreaves. Even – heaven forbid – our beloved Hastings. In fact, anybody with a surname beginning with that letter is under suspicion; Tom Hanks, Engelbert Humperdinck, and Minister for Health Simon Harris, don’t think for a second that you lot are off the hook here. It feels like, with every new bit of information that comes our way, we’re even further from the truth of who the mastermind really is…





Look, we dislike bent coppers as much as the next man. Perhaps even more. We wouldn’t say catching them is the one thing we care about, but we’re not ambivalent about it either. But goodness, undercover operative John Corbett seems to really hates bent coppers, like a one-man AC12 on steroids. But – and this is a massive but – he might just be an off-the-rails gangster double-crossing the police while getting rich and powerful through crime. Er, yeah…watch this space, we guess!




Whether difficulties with finance or dismay at divorce papers, things ain’t looking too bright for our Ted…so just wait until he finds out that Corbett’s found his wife. Steve, meanwhile, is keeping Sam at a distance – wholly unlike him, and enough to make us wonder if there’s more to it than gentlemanly hesitation. And, of course, Kate is back with her nearest and dearest…just as the targeting of family members rears its head. Oh, this may not end well…





In the interest of brevity, we’ll try to keep this list short; so – deep breath – is Lisa McQueen a UCO? She certainly has the name for it. What’s the story with Gill bloody Bigelow? Also, as an aside – does her hotel room comfort break mean they finally fixed Ted’s toilet? The bloke offering a “once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity” couldn’t seem more untrustworthy if he wore a sign around his neck – which, in this show, means he’s probably a nice guy. There’s a lot, folks; which is why it’s the best season yet!


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