Irelands Got Talent is Back: Interview!

Irelands Got Talent is Back: Interview!

Following an epic debut season, the nation’s favourite family show is back – and it’s looking better than ever! Before matters kick off on Saturday February 2nd on Virgin Media One (Virgin TV 103), we caught up with the fab four who’ll be running the rule over the hopefuls taking to the stage: Louis Walsh, Michelle Visage, Jason Byrne and Denise Van Outen


Q: OK, so we’re back for season two – what’s different this time around?


Michelle: For year two, everything has been upped. The production, the talent – and even the judges, we’ve upped our game too! The whole thing is bigger, brighter, and just better.


Jason: I think a lot of people saw last year’s show and thought to themselves, “Yeah, I do want to be a part of that.”


 Q: Does that mean the competition is tougher than ever?


Denise: Absolutely, just because the standards are now so high. We’ve had some very good 5 dance groups, for instance, and when you tell them “Sorry, we’ve seen better,” they’re in shock! It’s true though. This time it feels like we have a real pool of stars.


Q: Including, we presume, those important Golden Buzzers?


Louis: The five Golden Buzzers are brilliant. I was even thinking about it in bed last night! At one point the two girls were fighting over which one of them would get to hit the Golden Buzzer, and that’s never happened before!


Q: Is that the first sign of a dramatic bust-up at the judges table?


Denise: No! We have a real laugh. It’s quite rare to work on a production where you all get on so well. Michelle: I can’t imagine doing a show like this where the judges didn’t get along.


Q: What’s the hardest thing about your role as judges?


Jason: The children – my heart sinks! You just think to yourself, “Please let them be good”. What would you do if there were ten rubbish kids?! You couldn’t say no to them!


Denise: If it’s someone who’s never been on stage before, you know you’ve got to be very delicate. I started in the industry when I was only seven; I know the sort of things that would upset a kid in that position because I’ve had it happen to me!


Q:  And finally – is there anything from the auditions that you got bored of seeing?


Michelle: ‘This Is Me’ – that could go away! I like the song, and the message, but if I don’t hear it for another year or two that would be just fine!