New Phone? Know How To Wipe Your Old One!

how to wipe your old mobile phone

If you’re lucky enough to find a new mobile waiting beneath the tree this Christmas – or, indeed, if you’re treating yourself in the new year – then you’ll want to know that your old one doesn’t hold all of your secrets; after all, our lives are on our phones these days!


To help, we’ve put together a quick check-list of what you need to do to get your pocket pal back to its original state – starting with the all-important first step…




From your favourite photos to the phone numbers that might just come in handy one day, you really don’t want to delete something only to regret it down the line. Back up anything you might want in the future; that’s where cloud storage solutions are worth their weight in gold!




The smart life means that from watches to exercise equipment, our phones are part of a tangled web – and cutting those ties makes the clearing process that bit easier! It’s also important to sign out of all your accounts – including iTunes and iCloud, if you have an iPhone.




This part of the process is actuially incredibly simple; deleting your phone-related existence can be done with the touch of a button! For Apple phones, simply tap on General within the Settings menu and select “Erase All Content and Settings”. For Android, go to Settings and select Backup and Reset, before hitting Factory Data Reset and Reset Device.




Remember to make sure your SIM card, as well as any microSD storage you might be using – and that should be that! Whether you pass it along to a parent, or leave it to gather dust in the back of a wardrobe, you can do so knowing your phone no longer holds your secrets…


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