Five Ways To Get Your Sporting Fix While Waiting For Kickoff

Still from Netflix show The English Game

All over the world, pitches are empty and stands are silent; the sporting world has ground to a halt. For fans used to a constant supply of awesome action, it’s a weird time – and for those who thought international breaks were tough, it’s a whole new ball game!


Of course, those in need of a fix can still sate their appetites; you just need to look elsewhere. With that in mind, we’ve gathered together some of the optimum options for those who need a dose of sport, so while you wait for regular service to resume, here’s how to get stuck in!




Whether it’s a footy fix with FIFA 20, getting on the gridiron with Madden NFL 20, slugging it out with UFC 3, or slapping on your suit and tie for a stint as the gaffer with Football Manager, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to games with a sporting slant. Of course, the camaraderie and competition is something else you might miss – which makes playing online, teaming up with or battling against your mates and fellow fans, an option sure to put a smile on your face!





Even at the best of times, there’s loads to love about sport happening far from the field – instead, it’s in studio and in front of the mic that some of the great entertainers do their thing! Whether it’s the fantastically funny That Peter Crouch Podcast, the transatlantic treasure Pardon My Take, or our own national icons Second Captains, there’s still plenty of awesome audio for your to feast your ears on!





There’s sports nuts and film buffs – and sometimes, they’re one and the same! If that’s the case, then you’ll have plenty of reason to cheer on Virgin Movies; the auto racing action of Le Mans ‘66, baseball brilliance with Field Of Dreams, American Football fave Friday Night Lights, and the awesome athletics biography I Am Bolt are just a handful of the sporting standouts available to rent now from €2.99 each!





Right on time, Netflix (Virgin TV 999) has delivered a selection of series that are perfect to provide some excitement for the sport starved – whether it’s the origins of soccer in period drama The English Game to the trials and tribulations of last year’s season in Sunderland Til I Die. Throw in the majestic Last Chance U, the masterful Formula 1: Drive to Survive and many more, and you’ve got yourself a fixture list to last until the live action begins again!





If you can’t watch the live version, then what about the next best thing – revisiting some of the greatest action from before the break?! Virgin Media Sport, Virgin TV 400, has been stuffing the schedule full of highlights to keep any fan happy. From entire weekends dedicated to Liverpool and Man United’s UEFA Champions League adventures to a journey through Ireland’s Six Nations glory days, there’s no better time for a trip down memory lane!


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