Why The Handmaid’s Tale Has Us In Bits

the handmaids tale season 3

Life in Gilead has never quite been relaxing, but these days it’s reached a whole new level; forget our fingernails; we’re beginning to knaw on our knuckles watching The Handmaid’s Tale! The dystopian drama’s third season is dead-set on raising blood pressure the world over – and so far it’s doing a bang-up job…



The show – airing Thursdays at 10.30pm on RTÉ2 (Virgin TV 102) and Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4 (Virgin TV 111) – is at different points on the two broadcasters, so we’re not going to give too much away here; even still, it’s worth looking at the ways in which the series has raised its already high standard to deliver thrills and spills to take your breath away…




If there’s one thing that the real world has taught us in the past few years, it’s that politics can get pretty crazy – so with the Waterfords going to Washington and the cross-border Canadian links all the more , there’s all sorts of new wrinkles to stir things up. The stakes seem to get higher with every turn – and while worrying about June and Nicole was more than enough, we’ve really got our hands full when full-on diplomatic rows are brewing!






While we’d got a taste of defections look like, this series has put the clandestine operations in a little more focus – and what we’ve seen hasn’t been pretty. When something’s an issue of life and death, it begins to matter that much more, which means the edge of our seats have been seeing even more action than usual of late! We’ve also gained an even greater appreciation for the role of the Marthas in the whole process – we always knew the kitchen was the centre of operations!






OK, this is where it gets real. And yeah, it’s not like the show was ever hesitant about tugging on our heartstrings, but goodness me we could do with a rest! Luke’s bawling, Emily’s bawling, we’re all bawling – and there’s an adorable baby in the middle of it all to turn us into even more of a mess. Never mind tissues, we need mops to handle to puddles of tears threatening to flood the living room… and there’s always the danger – nay, the likelihood – that it’s going to get even worse!





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