Vote: Who’s The Greatest Grey’s Anatomy Character EVER?

Sandra Oh and the stars of Grey’s Anatomy

For the better part of the last two decades, there’s been one show that’s seen enough laughter and tears, and make-ups and break-ups, to last multiple lifetimes – and yet still it goes on, as engrossing as ever! We’re talking, of course, about Grey’s Anatomy; the medical marvel that just keeps on giving!




Shonda Rhimes’ drama is currently available on VIrgin Box Sets, with a full fourteen series for your viewing pleasure – that’s more than 300 episodes! And while there’s no debate about the show’s place in the pantheon of TV history, there’s one argument that’s bound to get people talking; who’s the top doc of the lot?!


It would be impossible to list them all, of course, so we’ve taken a stab at drawing up a shortlist; we need your help in deciding who’s truly the pick of the bunch. So read on to find out the candidates before making your choice in the poll; it’s time to find Grey’s greatest!




From his introduction as an intern to his fellowship and beyond, we’ve seen this guy come a long way – in just about every sense! We didn’t think he’d be in the running at the beginning, but he’s earned his spot by now!





Principled and to the point, April was one of the more divisive characters in the show’s history – but she sure provided a lot to love! In fact, it’s her complexity that lands her on this list; there aren’t many characters who’ve kept us thinking like she has!




The indomitable Sandra Oh brought to life a one-of-a-kind character; she might have been a whizz with a scalpel in her hand, but her witty wisecracks were as sharp as anything in that operating theatre!




When your nickname becomes a pop-culture phenomenon in itself, you know you’re looking at an all-time character – and for the part that McDreamy played in one of the most epic romances on the box, you’d best believe he’ll always be remembered!




A rich kid who seems down to earth; a confident surgeon who doubts his abilities; a ladies’ man who’s had more than his share of failed relationships; this bloke is a walking contradiction! Maybe that’s why we still can’t get enough…






Move over McDreamy, and welcome McSteamy! A chap so charming they named the hospital after him, he’s not just a pretty face either – which made the events of Season 8 all the more difficult to watch!




There’s no way to make a list like this without mentioning the main woman. Brilliant yet brittle, compassionate yet combative, she’s always out to do whatever is right – and will always get bonus marks as the ever-present heroine of the show from start to finish!






Behind the tough exterior lays a heart of gold – not to mention some of the safest hands in Seattle! Truth be told, you feel the walls would’ve come down a hundred different times over the years if it weren’t for Superboss strutting her stuff!




Who could ever have imagined that the experience of being a trauma surgeon in the army would probably be less dramatic than a tenure at Seattle’s most storied hospital?! Through fleeting romances and fatherhood, he seems to have found his calling – for now!




This guy is something of a father figure for the staff – a group who really need that from time to time! He’s not without his flaws, but he’s the one who paved the way to make it all possible; even now, he can own a room simply by walking through the door…



Who is Grey's Anatomy's greatest character?
Alex Karev
April Kepner
Cristina Yang
Derek Shepherd
Jackson Avery
Mark Sloan
Meredith Grey
Miranda Bailey
Owen Hunt
Richard Bailey
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