It’s An Emergency – Why You Need To Get Your Grey’s Anatomy Binge In Quick!

Grey's Anatomy Boxset

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy who fancy getting stuck into the show on Virgin Box Sets would want to move quickly – the show will be leaving the service later this month.



Now, don’t have a heart attack – though if you do, we know a few doctors who can help out! – because all 14 seasons will be available until April 23rd, meaning you’ve still got loads of time to embark on a Meredith marathon. Through the trials, tribulations and all sorts besides, the complete collection of the Seattle Grace super-series is unlike any other show on the box – so if you’ve been dilly-dallying over whether or not to polish it off, consider this you moment to take action!

And if you’re looking to dive in and find the perfect fit for your mood, then select a series carefully and gobble it down while you still can; for pointers, we’ve gathered a little guide below…



OK, so the whole thing is a bit of a rollercoaster – but two particular seasons stand out for putting viewers through the wringer in the most uncompromising ways possible. Season Six will make mince-meat of your heartstrings, while Season 11 is enough to keep therapists in business for years. Kleenex at the ready; these will do a number on anyone!





Again, unforeseen twists and turns are part and parcel of the experience – but the very beginning might be the ultimate example. Consider popping a cushion on the floor as you fire up Season One – because your jaw will drop such regularity you could end up doing yourself a mischief!





Whether it’s tender courtships or fiery affairs, if matters of the heart are your bag then Grey’s is just what the doctor ordered. Seasons Three and Four are slabs of steamy goodness; in fact, you’ll even see the crossing paths of McDreamy and McSteamy – if you’re into that sort of thing, that is…





Oh yeah, they actually have jobs! Kinda forgot about that business, between the jigs and the reels. While you’re guaranteed to find some sort of fireworks no matter where you look, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into with Season Seven, while Season Nine has plenty along those lines too…



So from love triangles to triage, take your pick! With fourteen seasons to choose from, you’re sort of spoiled for choice – so see how many you can manage!




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