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The second series of the wonderful Good Behavior is now available exclusively on Virgin Box Sets – and if you haven’t yet checked out the stylish and sexy fugitive caper, you need to get a move on! Starring Michelle Dockery as con-woman Letty Raines, it’s smart, sharp and full of surprises; series creator Chad Hodge tells us what to expect from the new season – and even shares his secret to making a hit show!


Good Behavior is actually based on three short stories; how did you first come across them?
When [our previous show] Wayward Pines was coming to an end, myself and Blake Crouch decided that we wanted to work together again.  I started reading all the books that he had written and then he said ‘you should read these three short stories I wrote a long time ago’. One of his stories called The Pain of Others was really the starting point for Good Behavior.



Season One ended with a cliffhanger as Letty was woken by the sound of sirens. Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect from Season Two?
One of the things I maintain is that you go from moment to moment – there’s no huge gap in time between episodes, and the same goes between the two seasons. I don’t want to give too much away but when we pick up with Javier, Letty and her son Jacob it’s not long after the end of Season One – we’re talking a matter of days. There’s nothing that you’ve missed!

The first time we were introduced to Letty she was wearing a wig – and each wig shows us a new side to her. Can we expect to see more sides to her in Season Two?
Absolutely – there’s many sides to Letty, personality traits and more wigs! We’ve not learned everything there is to know about her, and in Season Two we’re going even deeper into her background to discover why she is the way she is.



We were given a glimpse into Javier’s background briefly at his family reunion which didn’t end so well. Can we expect to revisit this storyline?
We go into Javier’s background even deeper in Season Two, in Season 1 it was pretty much that one episode. The ramifications of Javier’s family discovering he is a contract killer come back to haunt him and continue to follow him....



Going on the run with a ten-year-old isn’t the best idea – does it take long for Letty and Javier to realise, or do they somehow make it work?
It’s something they want to make work, but they soon realise it’s not a great idea – you’re talking about a hitman and a thief on the run with her kid! One of the things with people like Letty and Javier is that there’s always a hope they can change and stop doing what they’re doing - live a normal life. Pretty quickly they realise this isn’t possible and being on the run with a child isn’t the best idea.



You’ve had a pretty impressive resume of hit shows. What do you feel is the key ingredient to a successful show, and in particular Good Behavior?
It’s about people relating to the characters. In Good Behavior, Letty and Javier are very much like you and me – despite Letty being a thief and Javier being a hitman. Sometimes she’s really bad at being a thief and sometimes he’s really bad at being a hitman! That’s probably why any show is a hit, it has that aspect that you can relate to.


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