Which Famous Face Would You Love To See On Gogglebox Ireland?



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From the Louth boys to the Cabra girls, every passing week sees us getting to know the Gogglebox Ireland crew even better. And as familiar as the current crop of telly addicts have become to us over the past three seasons, we can’t help but wonder what would happen if some especially familiar faces popped up from time to time!

We’ve seen a bunch of UK celebrities put in a shift on their sofas – so if the same were to happen here, who would you want to see watching their most-loved (and most-hated!) shows? We’ve had a go at drawing up a shortlist; check it out below, and vote for the one you’d most enjoy seeing on the show!



The President is already represented on the show – albeit in tea-cosy form as Michael Tea Higgins – so it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine our commander-in-chief perched on a sofa next to Angela and Eileen!



Between her acting, her hilarious social media activity, and her enviable fashion sense, it seems like Amy can do no wrong – so you can’t blame us for predicting she’d be pretty excellent running the rule over the week’s telly too!



The Notorious isn’t exactly the shy and retiring type; quite the opposite, it’s fair to say. Give him a chance to flick through the channels and we have a feeling he’d pull no punches in critiquing the fare on offer!



She might be a Hollywood superstar, but we reckon the Carlow girl would still be right at home with a cuppa in one hand and a remote in the other. Plus, who better to give an informed take on the acting she sees?



There’s already a pair of beloved twins on the show, but there’s no doubt that the Grimes brothers would add some excitement to proceedings. The real question is whether they could sit still for long enough to watch anything through!



From Living With Lucy and The Six O’Clock Show to the upcoming Ireland’s Got Talent, she seems to spend most of her time in front of the camera – so we’re pretty curious what she’d make of other people’s efforts!



Can you imagine Keano laughing at his favourite sitcom? Or hiding behind a pillow watching a scary show? What about settling in to watch his favourite cooking programme? No, us neither – and that’s why we need to see what floats his TV boat!


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