Session Moth Martina Gives Her Take On GLOW

GLOW Season 3

It’s the slamming show that we can’t get enough of – and the wonderful GLOW will be flipping onto our screens for another run later this summer! Come August 9th, we’ll be leaping into our leotards once again as Season Three lands on Netflix, Virgin TV 999 – and we’re already counting down the days!




The show follows a group of grappling girls strutting their stuff in the world of professional wrestling – but does it meet the approval of a real-life ring warrior? Well, we decided there was only one way to find out – and locked up with Irish wrestling superstar Karen Glennon, better known as Session Moth Martina, to get her verdict on the show. You can check out the whole thing on PLAY Magazine right now, but get to grips with a sneak peek below…





The show has certainly connected with audiences – but has GLOW’s success carried over into real life?


“GLOW has got a lot of mainstream coverage, and it’s been very good for female wrestling in particular. I work for an all-women’s promotion in London called Pro Wrestling Eve, and it’s getting a lot more media attention; they’re coming to the shows, talking to the girls, and finding out what a current, real-life, women’s promotion is all about. Women’s wrestling is what’s getting noticed, and that’s really great to see.”





Whether basking in boos or soliciting sympathy, there’s plenty of playacting in GLOW – is this similar to real-life?


“This was stronger back in the 80s (the era Glow is set) ; it was proper bad guy against proper goodie, all very black and white. There’s still some of that, but it’s changed over the years; sometimes people love to love the bad guy. “I have a very love-her-or-hate-her character in Martina, because not everyone enjoys comedy in their wrestling – they want a serious match from start to finish. I don’t want my character to disappear when the bell goes, so I incorporate it into my wrestling; I drink beer, I dance, different little things I can think of.”





Session Moth Martina can beat some booty – is she impressed by her on-screen counterparts?


“They had some real wrestlers on the show; my good friend Joey Ryan popped up along the way, which was good to see! Again, it’s the 1980s – so it’s a different time. It’s progressed so much over the years, there’s now wrestlers out there doing amazing things. But to be fair, it’s actually quite accurate for how it was back then; I think it’s very well done.”



For more of the Session Moth’s thoughts, including how the show’s friendships and camaraderie mirror the real life of a professional wrestler, check out the full interview right here!