Five Reasons We’re Psyched For The Final Season Of House Of Cards

It feels like a lifetime since Netflix first dipped their toe into the world of original shows, presenting us with a political thriller that would change the game. Now, almost six years later, we’re finally ready to say goodbye to House of Cards – but not until we’ve strapped ourselves in for a sensational sixth season!

With Robin Wright now front and centre, and a whole new batch of captivating characters, remarkable revelations, and stupefying shocks in store, the show is set to go out with an almighty bang. It lands on Netflix (Virgin TV 999) on Friday morning – and here’s why we’re clearing our weekend to see how it finally ends…

House of Cards Final Season





For tons of viewers, she’s always been the star – and not many would argue with the fact she wore the pants in the relationship! Now, though, there’s zero question; with Frank dead, and the oath sworn, Claire Underwood really is the top dog. How will Madam President get on now that she’s at the top of the mountain? We can’t wait to find out!






The change in the Oval Office isn’t the only new development to look forward to; the dynamic duo of Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear are joining the fray as a powerful sibling partnership whose influence can make or break the President. A pair of awesome actors, playing amazing antagonists in a plot full of twists and intrigue?! Sign us up for that!




In a very deliberate nod to the off-screen events of the past twelve months, the male-dominated world of the show thus far is out the window; this time, sisters are doing it for themselves. It makes a pleasant change from the brutish atmosphere that came to define the show, and things have certainly changed for this final run – although it’s worth pointing out that not everything is different. After all…






The monologues right down the lens of the camera. The political posturing, followed by the revelatory moments behind closed doors. Oh, and the secrets; always so many secrets! Yes, there’s a reason why we got on board with the show from the very start – and from favourite characters returning for one last thrill-ride to the potent cocktail of drama, danger and dodgy dealings, long-time fans of the show aren’t going to be let down!




Let’s be real here; having invested days of our lives in the series – and sacrificed who-knows-how-many chewed-off fingernails while watching! – it’s only right that things are finished in style. With sky-high stakes and loads of juicy personal details, we were never going to be ready to just walk away, and the prospect of seeing all those threads tied together for the final time is mouthwatering!




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