Our favourite Love Island couples (so far)

Caroline Flack

Love Island kicked off on Monday night – with a surprise in store for the initial couples after the arrivals of Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard to deliberately shake things up. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s further shocks in store for the Islanders, but for now, here’s our favourite initial matches.


Tommy and Curtis quickly got to work in the villa and set about coupling up – turfing poor Joe and Anton back into single life  - just as they both got comfortable.


Catering company owner Joe had initially coupled up with bubbly surfer Lucie – but that’s all in the past now as she was quickly snapped up by Tommy Fury – brother of boxing superstar Tyson ( but don’t say that too often, he wants to be famous in his own right now) – but we’ll get to them later in this list.


Yewanda and Michael


Our number one favourite couple at the moment , is surprise surprise, Dublin scientist Yewanda and Liverpudlian fireman Michael!


The pair have bonded from a mutually brainy background – while we all learned in the initial first episode that Yewanda has a degree in biotechnology – what we were surprised to learn was that fireman Michael also has a science degree .


Michael, who may forever be remembered here as the Islander who described himself as a “10/10 for looks and personality” and his surprise admission adds an element of intrigue to him – what else is he keeping quiet about?!


Yewanda’s also won our approval with a down-to-earth approach, she’s being herself in the villa- we can just tell!! Looking forward to seeing where how this plays out over the next few episodes!



Lucie and Tommy


Have to admit our surprise at this matching. Surfer Lucie with professional boxer Tommy sounds like it fits on paper - and maybe that’s what both were going for. Lucie initially coupled up with catering owner Joe who was a tad bit more in the line of surfer boy with his curly hair and blue eyes. Lucie’s already favourite in the house to win and she certainly offers something different to previous Love Island contestants – she’s got the blonde boho look down to a tee and doesn’t seem to be in to the ‘glam’ as much as other housemates. Tommy, on the other hand,  seems like your stereotypical pretty boy – it really is a bit hard to believe he’s a professional boxer with that unscathed face. As we all know, his brother is never afraid of causing controversy or being outspoken…so it will be interesting to see what he’s REALLY like when he adjusts to the cameras and island life.


Callum and Amber


As it’s such early days, we’re really just going on potential here but in fairness if sparks  (positive or negative, we don’t mind) don’t fly between Scotsman Callum and a fiery Geordie lass Amber then we don’t know what we’re going to do. We need at least one couple who bicker all the time – our money’s on this duo.


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