Our Favourite TV Addicts On The Gogglebox

Gogglebox Ireland

If aliens were to land on earth tomorrow, you might have a tough time explaining the attraction of watching people watching telly. Telly-ception, if you will. But to anyone who’s tuned into Gogglebox Ireland, it needs no explanation whatsoever!


Airing Wednesdays at 9pm on Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103, the return of the Louth lads, the Cabra girls, and even the newcomers – Barbara and Janet in Donegal – have already had us in convulsions. But they’re not the only examples of avid viewers we can’t get enough of; oh no. In fact, there’s plenty of telly favourites who we love to see in front of the box – and here’s a handful of the very best!



Friends, all seasons available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Thought these two were the perfect double act? Well, they’d more likely tell you they were two-thirds of an awesome trio – but the third part isn’t Ross, it’s Stevie the TV! Whether it’s fast-paced football games or slow-motion running in Baywatch, they’re always happiest on their recliners in front of the screen – just don’t mention sharks…




South Park, seasons 7-9 available now on Virgin Box Sets


This quartet love an afternoon in front of the box – and considering the trouble they can get up to when they’re out and about, it might be the best place for them! Mind, when your choice of shows includes Jimbo and Ned’s Huntin’ and Killin’, and the seminal Russell Crowe Fightin’ Round The World, it’s easy to see how you’d end up glued to the action!





Gillette Soccer Saturday, Saturdays @ noon, Sky Sports Premier League, Virgin TV 405


There’s a full panel of pundits watching every kick every weekend – but there’s no questioning the star of the show; the quick-witted host with the most! He’s hilarious, impressively knowledgeable, and a passionate bloke too – just watch his Hartlepool stick one away and wait for the celebrations!




Ugly Betty, all seasons available now on Virgin Box Sets


You thought Ugly Betty was dramatic? Then you’d want to try Vidas de Fuego on for size! The sizzling telenovela is a favourite of Ignacio, but really the whole family can’t get enough of it – and from the brief glimpses we’ve captured, we’re not surprised!




The Simpsons, weekdays @ 5.30pm, Sky One, Virgin TV 114


Whether it’s perennial favourites like Itchy and Scratchy or The Krusty The Klown Show to Britain’s longest-running series Do Shut Up – all seven episodes! – we know one guy who’ll be watching; Springfield’s premier telly addict! There’s only one thing that might get in his way – and that’s misplacing the zapper…



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