The Traditional Telly We Can't Wait For This Month

David Jason & Nickolas Lyndhurst: Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special

Sleigh bells ringling (and ring-ting-tingling, too), lights flickering in every window and tree within eyeshot, and Mariah Carey blaring from every radio in the land. Yes, there are some festive traditions that are truly unmistakable – and the same goes when you switch on the telly!


Because from classic movies and timeless shows to seasonal specials that have become a staple, it just wouldn’t be the same without certain viewing experiences that just scream Christmas – like these six do!



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Fun fact: Christmas actually existed before Kevin McCallister and his housebound hijinks came into our lives. Granted, you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, because it’s hard to think of the holiday season without this classic playing a part! From slapstick silliness to majestic music and one-liners to be quoted for generations, it’s the family favourite that just never stops giving...



Christmas Day and New Years Day, Channel 4, Virgin TV 111


While Peter Sawkins is probably still popping bottles in celebration at taking this year’s crown, there’s no let up in the tent! Four familiar faces will slip through the flaps for a crack at cooking up a storm, with Noel, Matt, Paul and Prue ready to greet them. All good wholesome fun at the best of times, it’s amped up even further for the festive editions, and is the telly equivalent of chestnuts roasting on an open fire!


December 12th and 19th, Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103


The traditional pre-Christmas double-headers might not be happening this year – but the return of the planet’s preeminent club competition is enough cause for joy! It kicks off with English high-flyers Bristol taking on the superstars of Clermont Auvergne this weekend, before Leinster and Northampton renew a rivalry that will always bring the 2011 final to mind. And like all the best gifts, this one ain’t just for Christmas; there’s loads more to look forward to through 2021!



Available December 18th on Prime Video


We’ve lost count of how many lazy December days we’ve spent watching the exploits of Clarkson, Hammond and May – but with their first brand-new dispatch in a full year, we reckon it’ll be edge of the seat stuff! Off to Madagascar with a trio of modified motors, you can be sure that the usual mayhem will most certainly be present and correct, while the stunning scenery will be a welcome escape if you’re tired of looking across the room at your relatives all week!


Showing all month on Gold, Virgin TV 120


While sitcoms turning out seasonal specials is something of a TV staple – and from A Christmassy Ted and The Office to the annual instalments of Mrs Browns’ Boys, there’ll be plenty to get stuck into! – it’s hard to think of anyone who did it better than Delboy and co. The full collection of their festive episodes will be airing across the month, but if you hit On Demand on your remote you’ll be able to dive in whenever you fancy – mange tout, folks, mange tout!



From December 15th, Sky Sports Darts, Virgin TV 406


It’s official; there is no party like a darty party! And while the Ally Pally might feel a little bit different this year, we’re betting you’ll still be transfixed once the titans of tungsten get going; the biggest prize in the sport, and the chance to become the first world champion crowned in 2021, are up for grabs. Scotland’s Peter Wright is the defending champ, but from Mighty Michael van Gerwen to the divisive Gerwyn Price, the queue of players ready to snatch the crown is growing by the day...


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