Six Spectacular Soap Moments From Christmas Specials

Christmas Shows

In the weird and wonderful world of soaps, Christmas isn’t so much a time for gifts and relaxing with family – it’s murders and mayhem with deaths and divorces all around! They do things differently there…


With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite memories from seasonal shockers past; how many of these had you choking on your chockies as you watched?! Don’t forget that all of your favourites including Corrie and Emmerdale (Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103), Eastenders and Fair City (Virgin TV 101), and more will be airing across the holidays, so keep an eye on that schedule!



Eastenders, 1986


The 1980s were a more innocent time! There’s no guns, no elaborate plots, and not an emergency service vehicle in sight – but this is still one of those seminal TV moments. The landlord of the Queen Vic had certainly managed to find something to surprise his wife for the day that was in it – and the “Happy Christmas, Ange” sign-off is as cold as it gets!






Coronation Street, 2005


With festive fireworks reaching levels of pyromania, Corrie decided to poke fun at the trope in this hilarious send-up. The hapless wife of Les Battersby has the misfortune of her oven breaking down on the one day that just can’t happen. Her idea to rectify the situation? Head to the chippy she worked at and leave the turkey to deep-fry for a few hours; the inferno was as inevitable as it was towering!





Emmerdale, 2003


As far as soaps are concerned, the pub is sacred, so you know it’s going to be a big storyline that sees the local boozer flattened! That’s what we got when a ferocious storm ripped through the Dales, crumpling The Woolpack like it was made of cardboard – but leaving poor Trish Dingle crushed to death beneath. Which proved it wasn’t made of cardboard, we guess… TIFFANY HITS THE ROAD Eastenders, 1998 A New Year’s Eve confrontation with Grant about their daughter saw Ms. Mitchell running to the street outside the Queen Vic – and Frank Butcher’s Ford Mondeo ensured it would be her final act. The oddest thing about it? The residents of Albert Square just stand about staring for more than a minute afterwards – nobody thinking of calling an ambulance…






Coronation Street, 2011


It’s another Corrie comedy special! Katy Armstrong looked to be taking method acting to a whole new level playing Mary in the local nativity show – until it turned out she wasn’t a wildly talented thesp, but was actually having her baby right there. The young lad’s name? Joseph, of course! You can’t miss a sitter like that, after all…


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