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CBB fans on Twitter are not shy when it comes to expressing their opinions, often unleashing scathing putdowns within the confines of just a few words.

Celebrity Big Brother has been with us for 16 years now, and Twitter is right behind. So it’s only natural that the social network has enhanced our TV viewing, especially (let’s face it) when we’re scrolling through snarky comments while watching reality TV. Here are some of our favourite CBB Tweets so far this season…

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This unabashed call to action for housemate Nicola had us giggling (maybe in agreement) Nicola McLean needs to stay off television. Retire. Stay at home with your precious children. Don’t leave them. We won’t miss you

We think 2017 officially has its new Regina George Mean Girl… Nicola saying she’s not superficial whilst she wears a top saying ‘The Plastics’

Top marks for humour verging on the inappropriate here! Bianca always sounds like she’s coming round from a coma, and always puts me into one

And people say the language of love has been dumbed down… What babe..yeah babe.. Really babe... Honest babe... I’m sure Jamie and Bianca have forgot each other’s names... Eww

We’re pretty sure everyone has encountered that person at least once in their lives! Jamie strikes me as the guy who mails you on Facebook ‘Hey wuu2 bbe’ every single day for 3 years but you’ve never replied

Hair today… My patience for Calum & Jamie is growing thinner than Calum’s hairline.

Okay, this is officially our new go-to insult. Jamie remarks about Jessica, “Come back when you’re a 10.” Mate, come back when you’re not a Poundland David Beckham.

#Politics On the day Trump officially became US president...Coleen Nolan getting the most votes to stay on is still the strangest thing to occur.

We reckon we’d be pretty proud to be honest! Imagine ya nan goes on the telly and has to be held back by a security guard so she doesn’t knock out a footballer



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