Why We Can’t Wait For The Finale Of Blood

Cardiologists of Ireland will be relieved to hear that the final episode of Blood is almost upon us; it’s not clear how much more our hearts could take! Now, before we go any further, you should know that you can catch up on everything so far on the Virgin Media Player, because we’re just too excited to not mention a thing or two. So, *SPOILER ALERT!*…

Bllod Season Finale

OK, you’re still with us? Good! 


With the final instalment of the thrilling series just around the corner, there’s already been a mountain of revelations, shocks and twists – and something tells us that there’s a whole lot more where they came from! We’re going to be taken back to the days before Mary’s death, to find out the real story; here’s a few reasons it’s going to be unmissable telly…



We’ve never known six weeks to feel so long!! The mystery surrounding Mary’s death has been intriguing since the very start of the show, and it’s only become more captivating as time has gone on. Jim’s confession at the end of last week’s episode gave us one fact – but the chance to piece the puzzle together properly has us counting down the hours ‘til showtime! 



If there’s one thing to grab attention, it’s a bloody great pile of €50 notes! Then envelope dropped to the surgery by poor Rita – stuffed to the brim with cash – certainly piqued our interest, and we’ve got to believe it’s linked to the goings-on in the Hogan household too. Was Jim moonlighting as a common thief?! It’s one for Garda Breen, we reckon! 



Throughout the show, the viewer’s representation on screen has been Cat, the irrepressible daughter on the hunt for the truth. We’ve developed something of a soft spot for the character, portrayed by the outstanding Carolina Main, so the fact that she’s about the hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, it something of a relief. Let’s hope it’s not something she’d rather not hear, though!



Save for one or two moments of imagined dialogue, we’ve made it this far without ever meeting the woman at the heart of the story – but now it’s Mrs Hogan’s time to shine. Having put our sleuthing hats on in search of facts about her death, it’s going to be interesting to see the woman herself; perhaps that will shine a bit of a light onto what might have taken place…



Look, we’re not pleased it’s over either, OK?! Frankly, a show this good doesn’t come along all that often. But one more evening in the company of the dysfunctional family we never knew we wanted is better than nothing – so draw the curtains, put your mobile on silent, and enjoy the last episode of a series that’s brightened up these short evenings no end!



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