A Chat with the Brilliant Blindboy

His show has taken the country by storm – and the Rubberbandits frontman shows no sign of slowing down! Ahead of his appointment at Vicar Street, we catch up with one of Ireland’s biggest podcasters, Blindboy Boatclub...

Blindboy Podcast

Were you surprised at how quickly The Blindboy Podcast took off?

Incredibly surprised. Initially, it was just a way to advertise my book of short stories, and I was going to leave it at four episodes – but after three weeks I had 100,000 listeners. I began to thoroughly enjoy the process, and the feedback and engagement from listeners was pure strong.

What other podcasts do you enjoy – especially of those coming to Dublin?

I enjoy a bit of The Guilty Feminist, and Adam Buxton’s show too – we’re hoping to get a chance to do a podcast together while he’s over for the festival. I’ll generally lash into Bill Burr every week without fail, and then I might dip into The Joe Rogan Experience, This American Life, Irish History Podcast or Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History when it suits. 

How do you find recording the show with an audience?

It’s certainly a different vibe, the energy is different. In studio, .I’m incredibly relaxed and laid back – doing it live is a social situation so I’m way more lively. 

And finally - do you still wear a plastic bag when in studio?!

This is a bizarre story! For studio I have a knitted woollen bag, so it doesn’t create a distracting rustling noise like plastic would. A fan from New York made it, by hacking an old Chinese knitting machine, and he was mugged and badly beaten on the way to the post office when he sent it to me. I know it all sounds made up, but this is the truth…