Binging Black Mirror? Here’s What To Watch Next

Angourie Rice

It’s the technologically-obsessed series that’s captured the minds of the world – and Black Mirror is back! The sci-fi anthology has returned to Netflix with three brand new episodes – but if you’re a fan of the show, we imagine you’ll go through the new batch in double-quick time!




That’s nothing to worry about, though – because while it’s not unreasonable to term Charlie Brooker’s creation as a unique offering, there’s more than a few series that should tickle your fancy if it’s your kind of thing! With that in mind, we’ve selected a few more shows that should have you hooked – hop onto Virgin TV 999 and get these into you!




Seasons 1 & 2 available now


Hopefully, we don’t actually need to tell you that you should watch this one; if we do, welcome back from living in a cave for the past few years! Seriously, though, this retro-tastic horror series is some of the most absorbing viewing on the box – and the kids are some of our favourite little stars in years! It’s good timing to get involved, or even revisit if you’ve seen it before; the third season arrives on July 4th…





Season One available now


This fabulous French show deals with life and love in the future; it’s got serious San Junipero vibes! It’s also an absolutely mammoth production; with each episode costing something in the region of €1m to make, it’s TV at its finest! Slick visuals, smart plotting, brisk pacing, and a knack for tying its ideas to our modern world make this a perfect candidate for your next sci-fi binge; just don’t forget to turn the subtitles on!





Season One available now


A futuristic thriller which looks utterly amazing, this stunning effort bundles all the best elements of fantasy, action, mystery, horror and sci-fi in a cocktail that’s guaranteed to leave your head spinning! With a second season on the way at some point, there’s more to look forward to, too – though we reckon you’ll have plenty on your plate taking on the sprawling first batch!





Season One available now


Each episode might be bite-sized – ranging 6-18 minutes in length – but boy, are they intense! Mostly animated, in a variety of styles, the show has thrilling plots – but no fixed order, so you can dive in and flick through in whatever order you choose. If that sounds a little Bandersnatch-ey, then prepare for more good news – because from its tech elements to its sheer versatility, comparisons with Black Mirror have been abound since it debuted in March…





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